How Does a Height Adjustable Desk Help to Improve Your Health and Productivity?

Majority of us spend a greater part of our waking hours sitting which has a huge negative effect on our body in the long term. Although a good quality office chair offers all the support and comfort that you require, it is essential to understand that sitting for a prolonged period causes more harm than good. Sometimes you are so engrossed in your work that you often end up sitting longer than recommended, ultimately leading to back pain and other ailments.

A height adjustable desk can help you to work in comfortable postures as it gives you the opportunity to move around as you work. Movement increases blood circulation and energies your muscles. According to recent surveys, your health deteriorates when you sit for an extended period.

Important advantages of working with a height adjustable desk

Office workers find a wide range of benefits using a height adjustable desk and some of these include the following

 An increased level of energy

 Ability to stay alert and active all through the day

 More flexibility and increased productivity

 Reduced backaches and neck pains

 Keeps obesity in check

Alternating Between Sitting and Standing Position

Height adjustable desk allows you to alternate between sitting and standing position, which paves way for regular body movement. Studies reveal that you can burn 340 calories a day by standing two hours a day at work, which is impossible when you sit all day. Prolonged sitting causes spinal shrinkage, unhealthy cardiovascular system, and weakened muscles. However, when you stand, the weight of the body distributes evenly to the ankles, knees, and hips, thereby reducing physical ailments.

Office workers who use adjustable height desks have reported a decrease in pain and other illnesses associated with prolonged sitting at work. Today modern offices have incorporated the use of variable height desks to reduce discomfort and injuries.

What Makes Height Adjustable Desks so Popular?

Sit- stand desks give employees the flexibility to move from the workstation, which is otherwise not quite possible. True, variable height desks are different from the conventional workstations, and it takes time to adapt to the new work scenario. However, recent surveys prove that 5 out of 6 people enjoy working on sit-stand desks due to its beneficial features.

Another notable advantage of using these desks at workplaces is that it promotes team building. Employees can move freely and connect with one another, creating an interactive work environment.

There are so many benefits associated with the use of sit-stand desks, which explains why it is becoming increasingly popular in most of the modern office scenarios. You can find a plethora of height adjustable desks with different attractive features to complement your requirements. Some of the top-notch sit-stand desks make a perfect transition to standing and give you the time to adjust to the new work scenario.


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