How Do You Take Care of Fresh Flowers?


Everybody loves to receive fresh flowers. Don’t you? But the challenging part is to keep them looking fresh for as long as possible. Flowers are living things, and it requires some easy steps to improve their vase life. Yes, as soon as you receive a bouquet from the providence flowers shops, you need to take good care of them. Try to use the following tips that are suggested by the providence florist to keep your bouquet looking as gorgeous and fresh as possible.

Pick a location

Choosing a suitable location is essential to keeping your flowers fresh day after day. Pick a spot that is cool and ventilated, but not in a draft. Moreover, ensure you place them away from direct sunlight as cut flowers are more sensitive to heat and light

Find a suitable vase

There are several ways that can help you keep your cut flowers fresh for a long time in the vase. Choose a vase that suits the flowers and the décor of your house. You can also use any of your vessels as long as you have excellent ideas to decorate it beautifully. Let your creativity flow by exploring color and texture between flowers and vase. However, make sure you choose a clean vase and there are no residues left in it. Keep in mind that you have to fill the vase with fresh water mixed with flower food before you place the blooms inside.

Get rid of all the leaves on the bottom half of the stems so that they don’t gounderwater inside the vase and the water stays fresh as well. Cut a half inch off the stems diagonally with a knife, or straight across with scissors as they receive nutrients this way and the flowers will remain fresh for a long time.

Change the water daily

If you want to keep the blooms as fresh as possible for a long period, and you have no flower food, change the water daily or every alternate day. Empty the vase and fill with fresh water. Also, remove any dried petals or leaves daily, and you can add some fresh leaves or flowers so that the arrangement looks good. Changing the water can hydrate the bloomsand eradicate bacteria that accelerate decay.

Remove decaying material

Different varieties of cut flowers age at different rates. So you must watch for signs of deterioration and address them quickly when you change the water. If the majority of the floral arrangement is in the state of tossing out, you can remove the stems from the vase, and the healthy ones can be transferred to a smaller vessel.

Try these tips when you receive flowers through providence flower delivery, and you’ll feel good about caring for them.

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