How Dentures have Improved Dental Treatment of Lost Teeth?

One may lose teeth because of various reasons such as age, tooth decay, accidental loss or some other infection but losing them is the worst feeling for everyone. There are difficulties in eating, speech and it also affects the appearance. Dentures in Springfield, provide a solution to missing teeth and related troubles. Though dentures are not a permanent solution like the implants but they can be the helpful non-surgical solution for missing teeth. Dentures also require less time than the implants and also cost lesser than the implants.

In simple words, dentures can be referred to as the replacement of the natural teeth and are broadly divided into two types; partial dentures and full dentures.

Partial dentures

• Partial dentures in Springfield are used in case of patients who are left with some of their natural teeth in the lower or the upper jaw.

• These are removable as the artificial teeth are connected with the metal framework and are attached to a pink-colored plastic base which looks like gums.

• Partial dentures use a fixed bridge by placing the crown on either side and attaching artificial teeth to them. The bridge along with the metal framework helps the partial denture in having grip in the mouth.

Complete dentures

• Unlike partial dentures, complete dentures are permanent and are often placed right above the gums after removing natural teeth.

• These are made similar to the natural denture of the patient and is a complete set of teeth attached to a flesh-colored section that attaches to the gums.

• Complete dentures are used for patients who have lost all of their natural teeth or are left with decayed or infected teeth. Complete dentures in Springfield can be ‘conventional’ or ‘immediate’. The difference lies in the time at which artificial teeth are placed on the gums. The conventional teeth take 8 to 12 weeks to be placed while in immediate dentures are prepared in advanced and are placed immediately after the teeth removal.

• The only advantage of the immediate dentures is that patient need not stay without teeth even for a single day, although the dentures take time to adjust with the healing tissues of the gums. Whereas, the conventional dentures are placed after tissues are healed and hence fit well in the first time.

The material of the dentures

The material of the dentures in Springfield is important because patients use them in their mouth for eating and drinking.

• The teeth can be made from resin and porcelain. Earlier porcelain was the preferred material because of its strength and durability, but now dentists have begun to prefer acrylic resin which are equally stronger as porcelain while costing less.

• The framework that supports teeth and fixes them in the mouth is referred to as a plate. The plate of the dentures is generally made from resin, nylon polymer or chrome cobalt material. These materials can be tinted to look like gums and feel soft and light inside the mouth.

This is how dentures provide the solution to the missing teeth without putting patents under the pressure of surgery and the high cost of other dental solutions such as dental implants.


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