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Hey, all Blade and Soul players. How do you get along with summoner players? Some players have complained about summoner players. However, some hold a different view that they are badly stigmatized. Here Safewow makes an analysis about it. For cheap Blade and Soul gold for sale, Safewow is your first and best choice.

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Summoner players deserve the hate they get.

Summoners get the hate that they do because the average person that plays the class warrants it. Summoner is a highly forgiving class that does high DPS, can tank, self-heal, and support the party in various other ways. It also goes without saying that it is a comparatively easy and mechanically simple class to PvP with. Because of those things, many summoners overestimate how good they are at the game and overrate their functions to the party. Some of them don’t know how to use skills properly and have no idea how other classes work. So they mess things up for others. They are often the ones causing issues.

Summoner players are badly stigmatized.

However, some hold a different view. The problem lies in the type of person that tends to play the class instead of the class itself. Surely they are pretty good in the 45-content cap but it is mostly due to the fact that summoners already have most of their core kit before HM skills come out. Also it takes little-to-do effort to perform well with summoners in both PvE and PvP, but the class is advertised that way. Besides, it has low difficulty rating and players can choose that upon their own discretion. Because they want that sort of experience. They just perform like everyone else and they are badly stigmatized.

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