How Can A Cosmetic Dentist Help You?


A healthy smile plays an important role in boosting your attractiveness and self-confidence. If you want to improve your smile, your friends might suggest you to go to a cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas. But you need to what exactly cosmetic dentists do before deciding if it is the best option for you. In Las Vegas, Cosmetic dentists perform procedures that would improve the appearance of your teeth whereas general dentist would concentrate more on your oral health. Here are the things a cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas can do for you,

Brightening your teeth

Are the persistent stains in your teeth embarrassing you? Cosmetic dentist can brighten your smile in a safe and hassle-free manner. The results you achieve by the over-the-counter whitening products cannot possible match up with what a professional teeth whitening has got to offer. Also, it is a risk-free option. Cosmetic dentist would inspect your teeth and would offer the right whitening treatment that is suitable for you.

Teeth straightening

You cannot have a perfect smile with crooked teeth. Luckily, cosmetic dentist are well-trained and would have the right resources to help you achieve a straight smile. There are various options like braces, porcelain veneers etc to fix your teeth. Depending on your wish and needs, your cosmetic dentist would come up with the right plan to straighten your teeth.

Uniform teeth

Misshapen teeth can seriously affect your appearance and self-esteem. Cosmetic dentist can easily fix the imperfections in your teeth with the use of porcelain veneers. Once they are attached, your teeth would appear natural and beautiful.

Teeth replacement

It is tragic to lose teeth. People who have missing teeth are faced with two problems: embarrassment and the risk of bone loss. This is why it is highly recommended to consult with a dentist immediately and learn more about your options. There are various procedures such as dentures, crowns, bridges and dental implants to replace missing teeth. And you need to make a choice based on your options and requirements.

Cosmetic dentistry is not yet a formal field of dentistry. Thus, see if the dentist has the required certifications to do cosmetic treatments.

The author is a beautician. She has written various articles about skin lightening, teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry. She recommends Dr. James White for cosmetic dental procedures. To know more about this cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas, visit



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