How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of Web Designs!

Lately, there is a lot of discussion happening on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its capabilities in web designing. AI can do anything. Of course, we can see that many companies are experimenting creative things related to Artificial Intelligence in all sorts of online forums and articles.

Automated Web Design

Based on AI’s capabilities, some companies have already introduced a Do-it-yourself website platform such as The Grid. This platform builds a website which makes relevant design decisions entirely depending on Artificial Intelligence. It smartly analyzes the website content to identify a suitable layout, font, colors, etc. that perfectly make it an eye-catching website by taking intelligent design decisions.

But the question that arises is how AI machines and programs can create an innovative, humanly websites based on clients’ recommendations? Well, there are many factors and capabilities that set AI to stand out from the crowd.

Consistency in the Design

In most of the cases, the main reason for a website failure is because of the design inconsistency. Of course, there are inconsistencies that are too low to recognize by the designers but will ultimately affect the user experience in a very bad way. When it comes to inconsistencies, machines are so very effective in detecting inconsistencies and not only do they find them but also capable of fixing them whether it is a web design or computer graphics. For example, if the image of an airplane in a website has its wings displaced, Artificial Intelligence can easily detect that within no time because of its unmatched cognitive capabilities. It will flag it as an inconsistency and will fix the issue utilizing a combination of machine learning and context apprehension abilities.

AI is Changing the Game

The web design and development industry have come a very long way over the last decade. With the help of responsive and automation, web designers can take leverage of their full potential to take the web design to a whole new level so that they can offer the best to their users. Because in the end, the customer is the king.



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