How Animation is Making the World a Better Place!

A few decades back, we used to live in a very different era, no mobile phones, no computers or high tech gadgets. At that time, no one would have thought what the entertainment industry would provide to people from all over the world in the upcoming years. With every year moving forward, we are witnessing new changes in terms of technology, with a lot of changes happening to animation in today’s world. It is greatly affecting our world and has changed it for the better, bringing joy to more of our world.

Role of animation in our lives.

Animation is the only medium that can bring fantasies to life. We all grew up with the legendary Mickey mouse, Donald duck, Tom and Jerry, Scooby Dooby Doo and Pokemon. They have connected with us very well and are ever imbibed in our memories.

The reason why animation has deeply connected with us since childhood is because it allows to depict unrealistic events easily which our mind fails to touch.

Animation is an intuitive art form- just like a canvas painting. It is a mix of imagination, creativity, meaning, colors and a story. In fact, it is the only medium that has a dimension of storytelling in it.



Where Animation is Needed.

Medical Animation: Medical colleges and hospitals constantly engage in new research or achieve new discoveries to help cure many diseases and improve the quality of our lives. Much of this requires animation to explain, educate, and market these discoveries.

Education: High-quality media based Education in schools helps students master topics related to everyday life.

Architecture: With the use of high-end 3d software, strong visualization helps to create stunning architectures along with using skilled artists in the team. Countries like Dubai, United States are creating breathtaking and stunning architecture. All this has become possible just because of use of high-end graphics.

GamingWith high-end games on XBOX, Playstation, PC, and more… Video game lovers can experience something mind-blowing and enjoy high-end pc games in their homes. Some people also enjoy using Virtual reality headsets and experience the amazing virtual world of high-quality graphics.

FilmmakingThis is one of most glamorous industry where people can achieve everything in life. High paying jobs, name, fame and appreciation from industry greats. Skilled artists work day and night and come out with brilliant stories and transform them into award-winning shorts and movies

Gadgets: Everyone in today’s world is connected to each other. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, we do not need to wait very long to know what is happening in another part of the world. Now every smartphone has many apps installed. Every app, especially video game apps, have high-quality stunning graphics. These animations and graphics are spreading to smartwatches, digital cameras and more.

Presentations in whiteboard animation software:Companies look for ways to turn small ideas into million-dollar businesses. And to gain more attention from their potential customers and users, they create explainer videos or whiteboard animation videos which feature detailed explanations. These kinds of tricks help companies convey huge amounts of information using whiteboard animation.

If you are looking for a way to enhance the presentation for your product or service, using 3D animation is the way to go. Smart companies are using it to secure major contracts in their fields, and you should too. If any of the above ideas sound exactly like what you could use, contact Techmind today






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