Hosting Features That Your Web Hosting Server Must Needs

Most web hosts offer different hosting features in their plans. Here we have discussed some important features that your web hosting server must need to have if you are looking better performance and security for your website.

Manual Reboots

Manual reboots are very reliable and applicable security features if you are running an inaccessible account. Yes, VPS hosting always requires manual reboots. A website gains many benefits from the manual reboots as like personal computers are gaining benefits from it. I think all that this important security feature should be established in all the accounts to get manual backups and restores.  In the critical situation, getting backups and restore will be very easy and you can get it with minimal fuss.

Operating System

You need to keep in mind what is the operating system of your website. Make sure that your website operating system is Linux hosting and window based hosting. Every operating system has its own pros and cons, but you should select according to your technical needs. The windows-based operating system offers limited access to do many things.  Linux-based servers are useful and can be used for a commercialized environment.

A secure datacenter

A secure data centre is an important security feature that gives information about what happens online. Make sure that your hosting company has servers to protect your monitoring systems. It offers you restricted access intruder alarms and surveillance cameras. Secure datacenter features will offer you diesel power generation, protections measures and secure facilities.


File transfer protocol allows you to download and upload files quickly by getting access to your website. Select the hosting company that offers FTP tools. Make sure that these files are secure from cyber threats. Confirm that your host is providing SFTP, secure file transfer protocol and updated version.

Backup And Restore

Some web hosts give a manual backup that is very good features to keep updated to a website. A web host keeps an eye on the automatic backups. What is the intuitive backup process? Costs of backups are really matters, so use word Press to get free backups. By plug-in Word Press, you can get backups automatically.  Web host server should select the option of restore in the situation of error.

DDoS Prevention and CDN Support

DDoS stand for distributed denial of service attack is vest destroying for your website. Being prepared before this attack will reduce the danger of swamp. Having CDN support system, will not lose your visitors. There are many web hosts who have DDoS preventions. But the question remains how much DDoS is effective?  DDoS is useful, because, it helps the website to serve data very fast to the visitors.

Strict Registration Policies And Procedures

Web server host must check the identity of new clients before activating them. Therefore, you should check that you have no malicious code in order to monitor a new client. Server maintenance should be cleared in order to save from cyber threats.  Make sure that the host has published good security protocol and he has strict privacy policies.

SSL and Firewalls

SSL stands for secure sockets layers ensure that sensitive data of a website is secured. Having SSL offers to the users to build trust on that website. SSL keeps saving the conversation between a website and a user.  It stops the danger of cyber attack. Using a firewall is most suitable and reliable for a web host. A web application firewall monitors HTTP traffic. It works like a network firewall that provides more security to your web applications.  It stops SQL injections, cross-site scripting and vulnerability probing.


RAID is a very outstanding and special feature for web security. In the system of crashes, RIAS will maintain your files space from the viruses and spammers. Seeing the pre-installed feature of RAID is a sign of good web host server. Although, a RAID security feature is quite expensive, yet, it will be beneficial for you in the future. Most web hosts prefer to pay extra fee for RAID. If you want to purchase RAID, you should find out purchasing details.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Chris Greenwalty who is a tech blogger and working with UK based education consultancy company, The Academic Papers UK.



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