Holistic Health Care- Key to Good Health

Holistic medicine has been practised in India for centuries. It is a traditional method of treatment which aims at achieving optimum health and wellness. Focusing on the individual as a whole, it tries to create a balance between the body and mind. Practitioners of holistic medicine believe that an individual cannot be healthy if any component of the body is neglected. As a result, they aim at restoring physical, mental and emotional balance.

Treatment Method

Holistic health care practitioners use alternative therapies as well as conventional medicine to cure a patient. But, before prescribing any medicine, the experts look beyond the physical symptoms to find out the root cause of an ailment. They tend to consider an individual’s physical, social and emotional history to find out the potential causes.

For example, a person suffering from migraines will not be treated with pain-killer medicine. The doctor will conduct a thorough check-up and ask questions about work stress, any personal or emotional problems, lifestyle, sleep and diet patterns. Accordingly, a treatment plan will be charted out based on individual requirements.

Holistic Treatment Procedure

Although conventional medicine is often used to cure severe illnesses, comprehensive health care mainly focuses on rooting out the underlying causes. In order to relieve symptoms completely, practitioners prescribe therapies including meditation, yoga, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle modifications. Most holistic medicine procedures are drugless. It offers complete healing and teaches patients how to prevent its recurrence in the future. Some of the general procedures practised by holistic doctors include the following.


Naturopathic treatments try to restore the inner balance of the element the body. According to this method, faulty lifestyle leads, to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Detoxification treatment is carried out to resolve the imbalances within our system. Naturopathy uses treatments such as hydrotherapy, manual therapy, mud therapy, fasting therapy and aquatic exercises to treat various physical conditions.


Therapeutic use of Yoga is extremely beneficial for keeping the body and mind in balance. Holistic healthcare without Yoga is now inconceivable for it contribute to lifelong maintenance of body’s fitness and flexibility.


Acupuncture is often used to treat a wide range of medical conditions ranging from allergies, asthma and sinusitis to constipation, indigestion, acidity, back pain and gynaecological problems.


An individual’s diet and lifestyle play a major role in keeping diseases at bay. Holistic treatment focuses on major dietary modifications to ensure a healthy life.

If you are unable to maintain good health, give holistic therapies a chance. Visit a holistic wellness centre for a life-changing experience.

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