Hiring a Flexible Workforce through Staffing Companies

More and more people are moving towards flexible work schedule as freelancers or temporary employees. Even companies are now realizing that to find the right talent; they need to look beyond traditional hiring practices. Flexible workforce is here to stay and it is time for companies to leverage the right talent through every channel.

Inherent Benefits of a Flexible Workforce

Creative professionals mostly prefer to work as freelancers. If you are unwilling to hire freelancers then you might miss out on working with exceptional talent. The sad fact is that even though remote work and flexible schedules are accepted more than before, there are companies that still frown upon the gig economy. They prefer not to hire contract workers even if they are the perfect fit for a role. When companies are open to hiring freelancers and temporary workers for creative roles, it opens up the talent pool that much wider.

Then there are cost benefits for organizations. Why recruit a permanent employee for a creative project lasting half a year (on full salary and benefits) when you can hire a freelancer? You can hire contract workers whenever a project need arises and simply enjoy the cost benefits. When you hire freelancers through recruitment firms, you can even maintain a relationship with contract or temporary workers.

Imagine the scenario –You are based in another city and need to fill a creative position for your branch office in Chicago. You can hire one of the best staffing companies in Chicago that works with creative professionals and freelancers and quickly fill the role without any problem. No need to post the job on various employment websites or call countless candidates for interviews. You can simply hire a reputed recruitment firm with ongoing relationship with creative talent that have been vetted and ready to work. You can not only save money but also a lot of your precious time. You can even get started on the project without delay.

Hiring the Right Contract Worker

When you wish to work with freelancers and contract workers, it is as crucial to hire the right talent as with permanent positions. You can’t take the process lightly.

To land the right freelancers every time you need one, it is important to hire a creative recruitment firm to work on your behalf. Look for the leading creative recruiters in your city and see if they are a good match for you. You can talk to them on the phone and even meet them face-to-face.

Clearly mention your project requirements and the kind of creative professionals you want to hire. Clear communication with the hiring firm is important to better your chances of finding the right flexible workers.
Once you find the right contract workers, continue to work with them on different projects. You can simply talk to the hiring team to see if the same freelancer is available for further work.


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