Hemorrhoids Treatment Market Projected to Gain Significant Value by 2025

Hemorrhoids is a gastrointestinal disorder mostly afflicting adults. Hemorrhoids are caused by the swelling of veins near the anal tissue. Usually this tissue acts like a cushion, but during the strain caused by obesity or pregnancy, these veins are pressurized and they swell leading to the formation of hemorrhoids inside or outside the anal region. Generally, hemorrhoids are known as piles. Hemorrhoids found inside the rectum are called internal hemorrhoids and those which grow in the anal area, outside the rectum are called external hemorrhoids. The symptoms of the disease are uncomfortable conditions like bleeding in the stools, itching and pain during bowel movements, and swelling and inflammation in the anal area. It is estimated that around 33% of population under the age of 50 and 50% of population above the age of 50 suffer from this condition. However, only one-third of the affected population seek medical help, out of which most prefer OTC treatment. Proper diagnosis is crucial if symptoms related to hemorrhoids are felt. Diagnosis can be performed by a doctor for complete rectal examination, a proctoscopic examination, and colonoscopy if required because certain other disorders like rectal cancer or colon cancer have similar symptoms like hemorrhoids.

The driving factors responsible for the growth of the Hemorrhoids Treatment Market include a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exercise, obesity, alcoholism, poor fiber intake in diet etc. in most of the developed countries. Lack of awareness and preparedness for medical treatment due to a feeling of embarrassment hinders the growth of the market.

The hemorrhoids treatment market is segmented on the basis of type of treatment, route of administration, and as per distribution channel. On the basis of treatment type, it can be further segmented into different type of drugs (which include laxatives, NSAIDs, and herbals), diet, type of non-surgical procedures like rubber band litigation, sclerotherapy, cryotherapy etc. and surgical procedures. However, drug treatment and surgical treatment is needed only in severe cases. Initially, diet and lifestyle change is the best option to cure hemorrhoids. Diet should include more fibers, fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes etc. Lifestyle modification can include adopting some physical exercise, taking proper rest, and getting sufficient sleep.

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Drug treatment includes laxatives, anorectics, topical steroids, anesthetics etc. Amongst non-operative treatments, rubber band litigation is the most commonly used procedure for the first, second, or third degree of hemorrhoids and in some cases for the fourth degree of hemorrhoids as well. On the basis of route of administration, it is segmented into oral or topical agents. Oral agents include orally administered drugs like lamotrigine. Topical treatments can include creams, ointments, gels etc. Out of these, creams cover the largest market share globally and are selected as the first choice of treatment in case of hemorrhoids. On the basis of distribution channel, the classification includes retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, online pharmacies and others. Amongst these, retail pharmacies have the dominant market share currently. However, online pharmacies are gaining importance slowly through technical advancement.

Geographically, the global hemorrhoids treatment market can be distributed into five regions. These include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. The North America and Europe markets are expected to expand during the forecast period, owing to the rise in demand for advanced treatment, increase in health care expenditure, and increased diagnosis rate.

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Pfizer, Ranbaxy, Himalaya, Astra Zeneca, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline Plc. etc. are the major market players responsible for the growth of the most common gastro-intestinal disorders.



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