Health Insurance Vs Critical Illness Insurance

Health insurance plans offer a comprehensive extent of scope. Some basic costs canvassed in all health insurance plans incorporate into understanding hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization, day mind medications, emergency vehicle costs, organ giver costs, and so on. A health plan is intended to cover all costs identified with a medical crisis which requires hospitalization. Critical illness plans give scope to a predetermined rundown of illnesses said in the policy contract. In the event that you get determined to have any illness secured by the plan a single amount advantage is paid which is equivalent to the Sum Insured chosen.

Structure of benefit

A health insurance plan has a rundown of scope highlights. It covers all your medical costs ideal from being transported to the hospitalization through a rescue vehicle, to being dealt with and recovering at home in the wake of being released. Also, scope for AYUSH medicines, domiciliary hospitalization, rebuilding of Sum Assured, maternity costs, and so on is additionally given by different plans. These scope highlights are truant in a critical illness policy. The plan just covers indicated illnesses and nothing more.

Entirety Insured

Health insurance plans permit a higher scope sum contrasted with critical illness plans. There are health plans where the permitted Sum Insured goes as high as Rs.5-6 crores. Notwithstanding, critical illness plans don’t have such high scope. Under critical illness plans, the most extreme Sum Insured levels run between Rs.10 lakhs and Rs.25 lakhs.

Advantage structure

Health insurance plans are reimbursement plans which pay the real cost of hospitalization. If there should arise an occurrence of a claim, you need to present your medical records and every single applicable bill. The insurance organization at that point pays the expenses acquired subject to a most extreme of the Sum Insured. Best critical illness insurance, despite what might be expected, is fixed advantage plans. These plans pay the Sum Insured on the off chance that you are determined to have any secured illness. The advantage payout doesn’t rely upon the real costs acquired. The cash gotten from a critical illness plan can be utilized to meet any costs whether you need to pay off your liabilities or get better treatment. In any case, the claim gotten under a health plan is exclusively for the medical expenses acquired and can’t be utilized for other purposes.


Since health insurance plans offer a more comprehensive scope, the premiums they charge are, normally, higher. Critical illness plans, then again, are less expensive than health plans regarding premiums.


The significant contrast between a health insurance policy and a critical illness policy is that extent of scope in a healthcare insurance policy is very wide though critical illness policy is confined in scope. Health insurance deals with hospitalization because of mishaps or different sicknesses. Critical illness arrangements are limited in scope. Critical illness policy covers around 6 to 12 maladies. It more often than not covers critical illnesses, for example, disease, heart attack, diabetes, kidney failure, organ transplant etc.

The Bottom Line

A health insurance plan is basic given its coverage highlights. It gives an overall scope to your medical possibilities and is an absolute necessity. A critical illness plan can be taken as an extra scope alternative. It would give you an extra scope against the money related emergency looked if there should be an occurrence of a critical illness. Be that as it may, a health insurance can never be substituted for a critical illness plan. It is a fundamental cover and ought to be given first and foremost priority by anybody.




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