Harness the Potential of U-Bolt by Choosing the Right One

So, you are all set to kick-start your new project and you cannot do without having an efficient but simple pipe-restraint. As you may know, U-bolts manufactured by reputed U bolt manufacturer, help you keep piping in place as well as free of corrosion; however, not all U-bolts are the same. Picking a U-bolt for an application it is not designed for will only lead to performance and safety issues. Here’s a list of points you need to consider while choosing a U-bolt.

  1. Pay attention to the bend

U bolts come in a variety of fits. Some have a square bend while some have a round bend. If you pick a U-bolt of a wrong fit, then it will hinder even distribution of strain on the bolt resulting in a shortened lifespan of a bolt and poor performance. That’s why it is highly recommended to discuss your requirement with a renowned U-bolt clamp manufacturer so that they can help you pick the right one.

  1. Size of pipes and vibrations

It is absolutely essential to keep in mind the size of the pipes. If you have heavy pipes and strong vibrations then you certainly need to go for a heavy-duty pipe restraint that does the job for you. Choosing the right type of U-bolt keeping in mind its functional capacity will allow you to make the most of its capabilities. Again a good practice is to have a notable U-bolt manufacturer analyze the application/use before you make a purchase.

  1. Environmental conditions

U-bolts are manufactured in several varieties. Bearing in mind environmental conditions is also pretty important because exposure to water, moisture, and corrosive elements hamper the performance and longevity of bolts. If you are going to use the U-bolt in a place that’s going to make the U-bolt get exposed to harsh and varied weather conditions, then you must choose the bolt accordingly.

  1. Sturdiness & material

Typically, all U-bolts are solid to the core and are known for their sturdiness; however, not all materials are the same. Usually, U-bolts are made of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and carbon steel. U-bolts made of carbon steel are known for their immense strength, but they can be corrosive on their own. They are paired with a protective coating to address this concern.

Stainless steel U-bolts have an extra shine and demonstrate natural protection against oxidation. 316 stainless steel U-bolts are same as 304 ones, but because they contain molybdenum, they have better resistance in salty environments. That’s why they are highly used in areas where the piping will be exposed to seawater.

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