Guide to Hiring the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

The success of your case in your favour highly depends on hiring the right personal injury lawyer in Vancouver. Before you are able to identify the best legal professional for your case, it is important that you ask the following questions and make the right choice when it comes to hiring a lawyer.

1. Total legal experience and experience in Personal Injury – Make sure that your prospective personal injury legal professional is not a beginner in the profession. He or she needs to be sufficiently trained and experienced in handling cases such as yours. Even though a legal firm may choose to use the services of a younger professional for certain work, make sure the lawyer assigned to your case comes with a little more experience.

2. How Many Cases Like Yours Has the Lawyer Handled? Make sure your attorney is taken several cases similar to yours to trail and/or to settlement. The number of cases he or she has handled will let you assess the skill and success rate of the attorney.

3. Type of Practice – Also assess the type of practice the prospective attorney has. While you are assessing the number of cases that he or she has taken up that are similar to yours, assessing his overall practice will also let you assess his competency in representing your case in court.

4. How Strong is your Attorney’s Paralegal Team? While most attorneys often make use of paralegal personnel for certain tasks, make sure that this team is well experienced as well. Also, make sure that all the crucial work is conducted directly under or by your attorney himself. Even though your personal knowledge in the field of law may be limited, do not underestimate your ability to gauge the potential of any legal staff.

5. How approachable is your Attorney? A common complaint that clients make is that a number of lawyers do not return their phone calls or reply back to emails. While you need to respect the space and time of the professional you hire, make sure that your legal professional is able to respond back to you within 24 hours, while taking in consideration unforeseen events. Try to have this policy added into your agreement and ensure the professional you hire abides by it.

6. Case Strategy – If your attorney is experienced in cases such as yours, it is recommended that enquire after has general case strategy. Any experienced personal injury professional will already have in place a streamlined process on how to go about a case such as yours. The comprehensive nature of his strategy will allow you to assess his skills in planning, organization and understand how meticulous the firm is in their overall approach towards legal matters.

7. Promises your Attorney Makes- Do not get carried away with all the promises of quick settlement of trial that is made by your attorney. A good legal professional will be able to give you a well thought out and realistic time line that is required to reach a required conclusion to your case.

Remember that it is impossible for any professional to guarantee a particular outcome to any case. Be realistic about your demands and make sure the professional help you hire is equally realistic about the future of your case.

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