Great Selection of Sconces from Troy Lighting

Troy Lighting sconces can be used for any type of building, if they have walls that can support the weight of the sconce. Commercial and residential spaces can make full use of this simple light fixture to get the desired type of lighting required in any area. Let us look at the different sconces for different rooms and the outdoor areas of residential place.

Light Sconce for the Living room

The living or drawing room and sometimes referred to the main hall in the house is an important room and much larger in comparison. So, this means people can extensively plan and explore with several sconces to see what potential it can hold to brighten up this area. First an ambiance is to be created and then the sconce purchasing can be planned. Since this space is large and can contain a lot of elements like the reading space, a playing space for the kids, a TV room may be attached to it as well, many Troy Lighting sconces with different patterns can be taken into consideration. Another thing to keep in mind is the time and duration of the usage. If you are planning to use the sconces mainly at night since the room has sufficient windows, using dim light bulbs that radiate a warm yellow light will be suitable.

Bath Sconces for the Bathroom :

The best place to fix the sconces would be near the mirror, either one on each side or just a large one above the mirror. Most bathrooms follow a regular pattern of lighting symmetry that includes one huge light fixture fixed to the ceiling at the center and a few strip lights on the side. Incorporating twin sconces near the bathroom provides a contemporary look and glams up the bathroom to a whole new level.

Wall Sconces for the Kitchen :

The kitchen, the most active room throughout the day and the hub of most household activity needs to have practical as well as pleasing lighting arrangements. Traditionally, pendants and small chandeliers are always the choice for kitchens, but sconces from Troy Lighting can be used like places above the sink or even near the cabinets where a warm illumination can be felt.

Sconces for the Bedroom/Study room :

Bedrooms always have layered lighting with different fixtures used at different times of the day. Sconces cane be optimally used when attached to the wall near the dresser or main mirror. Sconces are used in the day and night, but with this arrangement, the sconces can be appreciated more when they are smaller in number radiating a small space rather than the whole room.  Troy Lighting sconces can be ideally used if they are placed on the sides of the master bed or above it to provide light for that reading time before sleeping time.

Study rooms or offices can also have a sconce attached to any wall for a smooth and relaxing surrounding.

This kind of lighting solution can be used outdoors or on terraces as well. One can find several options of sconces from Troy Lighting differing in size, shape, color, pattern, design, make, number of bulbs, etc.  With years of experience in craftsmanship and innovation, Troy Lighting has found its place in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, stores, and institutions.


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