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Busuu is also a social network that provide an opportunity to learn languages free. It is the world’s largest network to learn different languages free. It is a well-designed app and actually a great companion to learning a language with. It provides unit-based learning. The study material for a language is broken into 150 units. These units consist of writing assignments, speaking assignments, and multiple-choice questions. Busuu has integrated an excellent keyboard control system, so you can go through the course and replay the sounds without using your mouse. Another good feature of Busuu is that it gives you the individual word you need to learn, followed by an example in context. Especially for beginners, it helps to know what you will learn today, what you are expected to have learned by now, and what you will learn next. The structure also allows for good scaffolding, meaning you learn by building on what you already know, rather than being exposed to random and unconnected lessons in grammar, vocabulary, and so forth.

Another good source to learn languages free is “Stories By Gus On The Go”. This app is educational and highly entertaining, as well. The eye-catching animations and sound effects used in this app help tell the stories. The instructional section and the e-book sections are both interactive in that users can tap various parts of the picture to activate additional sounds and actions. There are two sections designed to review the learned words, phrases, and sentences. This app is very child-friendly for the intended age group. Overall, the app is cute and fun. The free version, with its two included stories, will likely entertain children for a few rounds of play.

Learn by Mindsnacks is a method of learning languages designed around making learning a new language fun. It is also a user-friendly app with interactive design and structure. The graphics used are all very cute and smiley, while the actual content is particularly designed to make learning a language fun. Mindsnacks makes it easy to learn languages with 8 challenging games you’ll want to play again and again. Every game is designed to teach a specific aspect of a language. The unique algorithm used by Mindsnackes reinforces the learning process using the proven methods of memory studies.

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