Good experience for Huawei HCIE-R&S H12-261 exam

Experiences of several old engineers on the Huawei H12-261 exam

Not long ago, many friends consulted me about some questions about the Huawei H12-261 exam. My answer was relatively fragmented at the time. Just two days later, they got together with a few Huawei HCIE old engineers and exchanged a lot! In the attitude of being responsible to everyone, after the party, I immediately summed up a few old birds on the dinner table about the H12-261 test some of the experiences and experiences summarized, plus my supplements, more comprehensively organized out!

This time, Xiao Ju and me, a total of five people, all had to leave all the IT men who had gone to test for Huawei certification. They remembered the past years with liquor vigor and couldn’t help but be filled with emotion!

When we were certifying for Huawei, we also saw many so-called “big cows”. However, it was not discovered until after personal experience: Many so-called “Huawei HCIE exam experience”, in fact, water is full! This summary is also considered for everyone to address the “dry goods”!

As we all know, the exchange of Huawei routers involves a wide range of knowledge! Many people feel that they cannot grasp the key points when they are learning. They are here to learn, to learn, and to finally learn the basics. Although some people have passed the H12-261 HCIE certification with this “half crane” level, they have felt pressure in the future.

In the third-person’s personal experience, it is: “You don’t even know! The company’s gangs looked at me with a gawky eye and made me a big god! What can I do? I just have to bite my bullets! I’ll hurry to call you and ask me about the exchange direction of the router! It’ll kill me!”

The boss also joked that the hairstyle from the youngest one can see it! Everyone laughed.

Therefore, those who do not want to go the third way, we must firmly remember that we are not learning to pass the Huawei certification exam! Learning is a process of improving individual skill level and knowledge. Grasp the key points, lay a solid foundation, and then expand and extend. In this way, you can do more with less! About Huawei HCIE learning, the first step and the most basic step of our study is to read the HCIE exam outline, grasp the learning focus, and clarify the goal of our study!

It is not an exaggeration to say that boring is a study of the theoretical knowledge of Huawei’s router switching direction. It takes a lot of time and effort simply to browse standard protocols and other knowledge points.

Take me for example, when learning theory, I knew about Layer 2 link aggregation, and I also know the manual mode, LACP static, and LACP dynamic negotiation mode. However, if you ask me again what are the differences between these methods? How can I see the result of the aggregation? What are the common faults? When do I need to use debug to determine the problem, I can’t answer all the questions! What does this point indicate? There are still obvious differences between HCNA, HCNP, and HCIE. For example: Huawei HCIE is not to say who knows more, but who knows! This is all enriched by the constant accumulation of experience and accumulation of judgment skills.

Of course, good learning materials are also very important! After several consultations, we also made a recommendation: TCP/IP protocol volumes 1 and 2 (second edition), HCIE review data series is very worth the time to see. If you want to clarify the problem, you can look at the international document again. Like the OSPF routing protocol, some adjustments will be made more or less in different vendors’ devices. Because what we have learned is only some basic information, the specific content still needs to be supplemented by RFC2328.

In addition to learning materials, it is natural that we need to do a lot of practical work! If we now have to do business cutovers or equipment replacements, we need to know which processes we should follow. What kind of plan needs to be laid out? And how do we solve the technical problems that we encountered in the specific process of project implementation? These are the knowledge that you must learn by practicing yourself!

Many students accidentally made a mistake in the experimental exam of Huawei HCIE, and the tension immediately came! Then it was a feeling of difficulty, and even subjective consciousness felt powerless.

Several or more of us had had such confusion. But in the final analysis, most of the problems arise because they are not careful enough or consider the problem is not thorough, lack of clear ideas to optimize the network to provide the best solution! Therefore, if you want to achieve a satisfactory result in the LAB exam, you must not only realize the specific needs, but also consider whether or not your own solution is the best and most comprehensive! This is an essential ability as a qualified engineer!

Then again, Huawei HCIE certification is indeed not simple! Many people who have experienced failures and shadows at various stages of Huawei’s HCIE study will complain about them, various reasons, and various excuse. But after all, isn’t it because of their own reasons? It is said that failure is the mother of success. Where we fail, we have to find problems and solve problems. Whether it is Huawei certification learning or the future of the industry, it will not be easy! We must understand the reality from the point of view so that we can have a good learning attitude!

Can walk to Huawei HCIE certification this step, everyone must have paid a lot of effort! At this point we need to pay more attention to it, and we should find our own problems in learning and upgrading! This point is not only the study of Huawei’s certification knowledge, but also important for future work!

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