Good Chinese Movies That You Should not Miss

As a learner of Mandarin Chinese, my teachers always encouraged me to watch more Chinese movies. So I did and it helps me a lot! Here are five of the best from my perspective. I hope you will like them too! The last one is suitable for children learning Chinese. Watching movies can be a good way for people to learn other cultures. This is obvious: movies record stories happened in other countries. Although the stories are not necessarily real but the culture behind them are always authentic.

The famous Ang Lee movie based on Northern warriors. Get your Kung Fu moves out. It’s a real classic of all time! Any search that includes the keywords “China” and “movie” on any search engine will come up with “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”.

Raise the Red Lantern is a glimpse of China’s history! It’s a classic from the 90s. It focuses on the warlord period of China and follows a young woman who becomes a concubine.

Both of the films above are quite realistic, for some lighthearted viewing, why not look into “The Monkey King” based on the books “A journey to the west” a Ming dynasty classic known to all in China.

As I live in Beijing I’m a tad biased and had to pick a Beijing related film, “Beijing Bicycle”. This 2001 film portrays a young migrant trying to make a living in Beijing as a courier. Twist alert, his bike gets stolen and he needs to get it back!

Next is my favorite one! The Disney film, “Born in China”, portrays the intimate moments of iconic Chinese wildlife in a way that has never been seen before. It explores China through the eyes of its animals and their habitat. You can find almost every type of ecosystem dotted around in China, the amount of biodiversity is astonishing.

I’m sure you can all think of some examples of stunning Chinese wildlife. You’ll see China in a whole new way.



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