Going For a Divorce Due To Strained Relationship? Here Are Some Legal Information Regarding Divorce


survey reveals that the rate of divorce has increased since the 1980’s. Also, cohabitation is becoming unstable and less than 10% cohabitations continue for more than 10 years. Always, a new relationship will be like being in your dreamland, sharing every waking moment and endearing to whatever your partner does. But it is a pity that most of the relationship’s enthusiasm wears-off over time.

When your relationship starts to tread towards the rocky roads family law firm Mandurah WA lends you a helping hand. Let’s see in detail the reasons and some legal information regarding divorce.

What Breaks Us Up?

Family lawyer Mandurah WA lists the following as the main reasons for the break-up.

– Infidelity
– Money
– Lack of communication
– Constant arguing
– Unrealistic expectations
– Lack of equality
– Abuse

Procedure for Getting Divorced

When you find it difficult to maintain a relationship, you can go for divorce with the help of Mandurah family lawyerYou can’t remarry or your rights when dealing with financial matters or wills will be affected. The following is the criteria for getting divorced,

– Should be an Australian citizen
– Have lived in Australia at least for 12 months before the application of the divorce
– Living separately for 12 months

How to Apply For a Divorce?

You can apply for divorce online, through the Federal Circuit Court. If you are unable to apply online, you could go for the law firms that will guide you with the procedures for getting the divorce.

What Happens In the Court?

Usually, there are two steps,

– If you meet all the requirements and the court is satisfied with your work, then it will issue a short-term order
– The full divorce order will be obtained after 1 month and 1 day. The date when the divorce order becomes final is your divorce date.

Getting Remarried

Once your divorce is finalised, you are allowed to remarry. But make sure that the marriage date doesn’t fall on the dates that are too close to the time of declaration of your divorce.

Opposing Divorce Order

You can oppose the divorce order only for the following reasons,

– You haven’t lived separated for 12 months
– There is no court’s influence

Try your best before you take a big decision so that you can live without any guilty conscious.

The author is a lawyer and works in family law firm Mandurah WAwho offers high quality legal advices. For more details visit https://www.momentumfamilylaw.com.au/.



Momentum Family Law

Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship or marriage is hard. There are often children to consider and assets to divide. Knowing how to move forward can be overwhelming, particularly when emotions are running high and reaching an agreement seems impossible. At momentum family law, we practice exclusively in family law. Our family lawyer in Mandurah WA don’t ‘dabble’ in other areas of law, but focus on providing our clients with practical, qualified, no-nonsense advice about what is a complex and sensitive topic. By focusing our expertise on just family and matrimonial law, we are able to tailor our services to the specific needs and expectations of each client and provide a superior standard of dedicated and personalised service.

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