Global Virtual Reality (VR) Market Research and Forecast 2018-2023

Do you also wish to escape from the real-life struggles sometimes? Well, that’s totally natural and even feasible now! Yes, simulation has reached to a pro level giving you countless opportunities of exploring several untouched mysteries. Without a doubt, Virtual Reality (VR) has made its own niche and is now seen more into the mainstream market. From different sectors of entertainment, movies will probably have the highest relevance with VR. As of now, watching 3-D films is what finds proximity to an all surrounding experience. Yet an urge to reach beyond 3-D experience will turn VR into the next home theatre platform. One of the major constraints that has stopped people from adopting VR is the high price of its associated devices. Thankfully, a downfall in the price of VR devices like VR glasses and Mobile VR devices in the near future is going to increase the accessibility to VR. Subsequently, the Virtual Reality market will heat up strengthening its domain among the already established ones.

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Apart from entertainment, VR is drawing its attention to education and employment sectors as it will make learning more practical. So far visualizing was considered the best way to memorize, but VR has taken the new lead to enhance memory retention. It is probably something as simple as learning through self-exploration because what have you once felt is far easy to remember. Just like the movies, this is an advanced version of smart class training which is guaranteed to delight students. Another interesting aspect of VR training is, without actually arranging the real resources you can predict the consequences and test the suitability of an action plan. Moreover, risk minimization is a bonus! However, medical science is going to be the most beneficial of all. It has already started treating psychological disorders like phobia for a particular situation. The reason being VR serves the closest experience to the actual stimulus that causes phobia. Helpfully, VR provides more chances of control through continuous exposure to the triggering factors. On a wide scale, VR can aid in treating the most sensitive medical conditions like neurological disorders and perform neurosurgeries. Since these being more complex in nature needs a clear big picture which is efficiently illustrated through VR.

The major challenge for military workforce is, keeping the pace with updated technology. VR has somewhere eased this complication through alternatives like live training sessions. A few nations like the US, China and South Korea have pioneered the adoption of computer simulators where virtual combating simulates true-to-life battle scenarios. This serves a robust platform in formation of strategies and pro-activity needed in the real war. The flight simulators and VR headsets in Air force or the latest Oculus Rift technology for Navy, all these innovations are no less than a boon for Military personnel. Additionally, the synthetic environment in the defense has given the green light to successful treatment of pre and post-war anxiety. The conventional training definitely prepares the amateur for the war but VR training provides an added feature of emotional control. All these advantages highlight the fact why VR is such a sought-after technology in the emerging economies. As a result, the upcoming demand for electronic guns, VR glasses, multi-focus AR contact lenses and other AR combating tools is expected to induce hype in the VR market.


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