Global Plant hormones Market Key Country Analysis and Regional Forecast 2019-2023

Excell Reports include new market research report “Plant hormones Market” to its huge collection of research reports at the global and regional level. Plant hormones have sought extensive adoption in the modification of plant physiological processes that include regulating the plant metabolism and inhibiting or stimulating enzyme systems. Plant hormones also seek robust demand for the regulation of cotton metabolism. Growth in the textile industry across countries such as Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria, India, and China, is anticipated to create high demand for cotton, thereby driving adoption of Plant hormones.

Plant hormones are the chemicals that support the plant growth. These hormones help in cell division, elongation of root and shoot, ripening, and flowering. These hormones are required in low concentrations that stimulate the propagation of plant tissues. The commercially available plant hormones are auxins, cytokinins, ethylene, and gibberellins.

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Plant hormones, also known as Plant growth regulators are chemicals occurring in low concentrations, which promote plant growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the plant. Various plant growth regulators such as cytokinins, auxins, and mepiquat chloride are used in certain agriculture and pharmaceutical applications.

Plant hormones have gained status globally, as they support the growth and propagation of plants. Increasing demand for agricultural products such as fruits & vegetables, cereals & pulses, and other crops, is the key driver for the market growth. Also, increasing demand for products related to crop productivity has uplifted the demand for plant hormones globally.

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Plant hormones are referred to as plant growth regulators (PGRs) or phytohormones, can be defined as plant supplement or plant nutrition. Plant hormones are chemicals just like animal hormones that help in the growth, development, and functioning of plants. Just as animals, plants too are living organisms that function as a unit, carrying out vital biochemical reactions that are required to survive. These hormones help in formation of tissues, respiration, energy production, and even plant longevity and death. In addition to helping in the formation of leaves, flowers, stems, fruit, etc. plant hormones also help in determining the gender of the flowers, the color of the fruits, and leaves.

• The Report Highlights:

• Overview of the industry, including definitions, classification and segmentation on the basis of application, product, geography and competitive market share

• All-inclusive assessment of the market

• Industry validated and statistically-supported market data

• Facts and statistics

• Business outlook and developments

• Market forecasts for the projected time frame

• Qualitative analyses (including SWOT analysis), product profiles and commercial developments.

• Key participants, company profiles, market trends, and business strategies

• The report is designed to incorporate both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the industry.

Plant hormones Market: Product Segment Analysis

• Cytokinins

• Auxins

• Others (Mepiquate chloride, gibberellins, etc.)

Plant hormones Market: Regional Analysis

• North America

• Europe

• Asia Pacific

• Rest of the World (Latin America, Africa and Middle East)

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