Global Infection Control Market Research and Forecast 2018-2023

With the advent of every new day, there are lost several lives due to the spread of numerous communicable and infectious diseases. Among them, there are thousands of diseases and infections that may have its origin in the hospital, known as the healthcare-associated infections or medically termed as nosocomial infections. With the growing number of population and increasing medical facilities, there has also been observed a significant rise in infectious diseases. In order to control such diseases, a scientific approach has been adopted to prevent and manage the harm caused by them. This approach of strengthening the health system is called Infection Prevention and Control (IPC). Apart from the healthcare sector, infection control also covers the clinical laboratory, medical devices company and food & beverage industry settings. It basically aims at reduction of incidences of infectious diseases that are caused through virus or bacteria present in our surroundings. Now that the occurrence of the chronic diseases is on the rise, the simultaneous rise in the hospital-acquired infections has fueled the growth of Infection control market.

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Healthcare is on the rush

Since the consumers today, are more informed and conscious about food hygiene; their awareness towards the quality concerns for food has increased rapidly. In the past few years, the demand for organic foods has been on a surge along with more reproach towards adulteration. As a result, the food & beverage industry has gradually shifted its focus to food disinfection and sterilization. Also, the growth in food safety and technological advancements in the food and beverage industry will further enhance the market growth of infection control. Particularly, disinfection has faced the demand for non-thermal processes which gave new opportunities for the food & beverage industry as well as the infection control market. There has been noticed a rising demand for sterilization in pharmaceutical companies which is again heating up the global infection control market. The expansion of medical equipment market including single-use syringes, non-woven medical disposables, facial protection, surgical tools, wrap, and gloves among others with an equal demand for its sterilization has created rapid growth in the infection control market across the globe. Additionally, the increasing use of E-beam sterilization and advancement in sterilization technology has significantly opened up so many new opportunities in this market.

Advancement is the key to market expansion

Apart from all these factors that majorly drive the growth of the infection control market; there are still some economies that are not aware of the significance of infection control. It should actually be an avoidable part of the healthcare infrastructure yet, in many countries it needs to be recognized and supported. Another factor that obstructs the market growth is the strict laws and regulations for the approval of manufacturing of the sterilized product. However, the investment and funding through the government for the prevention and epidemiology, as a part of the research, can still provide ample chances for the growth of the market. As far as the market share is concerned, North America is the dominating region. The use of Infection control medical devices and equipment, and the revenue generation through these devices is the maximum in North America. The technological advancements in the field of healthcare like the clinical laboratory, apart from well equipped medical devices, also make this region the dominant one. For instance, it strictly follows the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization for the control and prevention of epidemic-prone and pandemic-prone acute respiratory diseases. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is the most significant institute of national public health has released stringent guidelines for sterilization and disinfection. This is issued with a vision to check the effective use of infection control products by the healthcare personnel. Resultantly, these guidelines are further estimated to fuel the market demand in North America. Talking about other emerging economies that are experiencing impressive growth like China, Brazil, India, South Africa and Mexico among others, may have a potent market for infection control. Due to the increasing health expenditure by the government and consumers as well, these economies are expected to grow in the infection control market.

UV disinfection soon to replace the conventional methods

The technological advancements and reformed protocols are going to be the next user manuals for the global infection control market. Economies worldwide are looking for new ways to improve the overall patient’s experience. For this purpose, the healthcare sector is specially working on the time consumption of the entire infection control protocol as the current procedure is still time-consuming. Another aspect that needs change is the effectiveness of the infection control methods so that it can show more evident and reliable results. For instance, advanced technologies like UV disinfection can turn out to be a more efficient and time-saving method of infection control that can also serve in food & beverages disinfection. As a matter of fact, UV disinfection can open new doors for waste treatment that generates at an unprecedented rate in hospitals. Precisely, technology has so much to offer; provided, it is used in the right direction.


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