Global Cyber Security Market Research and Analysis, 2016-2021

Have you ever been stalked on social media? No wonder if the answer is yes. But if you ever had been a victim of hacking then definitely it is something sensitive. Social media stalking is harmless unless it violates someone’s privacy or safety. It means, only if the stalker starts blackmailing or intimidating the victim, it lies in the category of cybercrime. Coming back to hacking- which may be of a computer, official website, passwords, financial data, email accounts, bank accounts and so on that can cause severe damage to privacy, confidentiality, repute, money or any other loss; is definitely a cybercrime. What comes to the rescue here is the cyber security. As the name suggests, it prevents the data and information to be accessed in an unauthorized manner. Cyber security protects the internet-connected systems, programs, network, devices, software and data from the cyber-attack.

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Cyber age or cyber ‘crime’ age!

Gone are the days when business was done on papers. Cyber age has facilitated internet as the chief source of business that keeps a jam-packed record of every transaction, activity or information. Similarly, people are shifting more towards online payment and exchange practices including banking and other financial transactions. In fact, this exchange is not just confined to financial interchange; it also includes personal data, important credentials, confidential reports & information, and several undefined segments that are being transferred on a daily basis. Additionally, there is a vast amount of data stored in cloud through Google Docs, Xdrive, MediaMax, Vault and so on. This ocean of data recorded online is prone to hacking and other cyber-attacks, which in turn has strengthened the global cyber security market in the past two decades. Additionally, the widespread of social media and cloud services has exceptionally augmented the growth of cyber security market across the globe. Primarily, the easy access to social media platforms and its mushrooming with each day has made it more vulnerable to cybercrimes. A continuous threat of hacking always brews with tones of personal data being exchanged & stored on online servers and cloud storage. Eventually, the addition in cybercrimes has created the need of a robust cyber security network which again provides numerous opportunities for global cyber security market.

Security needs induced security deeds

There is another significant factor that has a major contribution in broadening the share of global cyber security market, which is the increased expenditure for cyber security. Today, government, organizations and even individuals are more aware and conscious about malicious activities on the internet. The increased cyber-attacks on government and defense services have made cyber security the need of the hour. After all, high priority areas like defense and government agencies cannot compromise on cyber threats. Thus, due to the increased number of cybercrimes everyone is ready to pay a high price for prevention from cyber-attacks. As a result, the market of antivirus software, anti-malware, cryptographic software, anti-spyware and many more, is perpetually on a boom thereby fostering global cyber security market. Ignoring automation in Information Technology (IT) here will be a complete injustice. The prevalence of automated services in IT has started to let off the mundane and monotonous task for humans. The concept still needs more fire to spread and is sure to be acknowledged as an important breakthrough in IT. Hence, the future of IT automation is definitely interesting with a viable demand for strong cyber security. Another high-yielding opportunity for global cyber security market is the growing market for mobile based applications. Be it socially connecting platforms or just the gaming, mobile based applications are already so much in demand. It has also been noticed that people, nowadays, have highly prioritized their privacy becoming more responsive to privacy and security-based solutions. Both of these facets are expected to cater exceptional opportunities for global cyber security market.

AI & machine learning in global cyber security: work in progress

It is a tough ambivalence whether to rank fraud on the top or the invasion of privacy. What haunts the most is even beyond concerns of privacy. Several Instances of private data being hacked and made public are the evidence of mounting cybercrimes. With power comes corruption and that unfortunately fits so well with technological development. Online networks were established with a motive of universal accessibility but hackers misused that privilege and the consequences are right in front of our eyes. The juxtaposition of these two purposes can diligently illustrate the dominance of the internet. As far as cyber security is concerned, troubleshooters have come up with an idea of introducing the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that can help in achieving cyber hygiene. Now, that actually help or multiply the problem will be worth watching in the coming years.


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