Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education Market Research and Forecast 2018-2023

AI has significantly improved the overall educational experience of students as well as teachers. AI has the potential to shift the traditional teaching approaches to modern teaching. Machine learning algorithms aid students in learning and grasping better with their weaker subjects. AI in education market growth is driven by the increasing demand to develop skills and testing systems in the education system. AI will expand as it would aid the especially abled as well as the normal kids learn more quality and reasoning-oriented learning. AI has a varied role in the education sector from automating basic activities such as grading to altering how students find and interact with the existing information. Students can take help of AI tutor in understanding basic mathematics, writing, and other subjects. Machine learning is one of the vital tools in the AI in the education market as it is used to support students in performing their tasks. For instance, G Suite for Education app developed by Google is also uses natural language processing technology to write complex formulas at the request of students and teachers whereas IBM’s Watson Analytics is a system which is able to answer natural language queries.

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AI automates grading is used to improve the traditional approaches of grading over the last few years. AI is now advancing and being tested at a school and college level across the globe. AI can perform various time-consuming task with almost no errors which include grading papers, checking homework, maintaining illness records and absence sheets of each students, and preparing report cards. EdX is provide open platform for online course and is created by the collaboration of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. AI-grading software has potential more than just saving up valuable time of educational authorities. Due to instant feedback, the AI-based technology has an optimistic influence on learning as well. Essay assessments consumes more time to complete if the traditional approach is followed, however by instant feedback, students can improve weaker parts instantly and more effective.

The following are just a few ideas of how AI can be implemented to increase teaching experience:

  • The automated grading system for each student to provide support after tests or exam.
  • Personalized teaching system provides personalized tutoring for students outside of the classroom. AI fulfil the need for a variety of students.
  • Chatbots that help students navigate their support documentation or frequently asked questions (FAQs) to virtual teacher anytime. AI chatbot works as a teaching assistant to communicate with students all semester.
  • Monitoring educational websites for various general queries of students and automating responses based on the queries.

The discipline of education and teaching has changed significantly over the last century. Further, many changes in the current discipline are attributed to the changes taking place by the latest generations. Increase application of AI in various industries such as healthcare and education hold massive potential for improving learning and teaching in the coming years.

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