Getting the Process of Post Construction Site Clean-Ups Right

It feels great to hammer the last nail, tighten the last screw and then stand back to admire a newly constructed or renovated building.  You may want to celebrate your work on this construction or remodelling. You may want to sit back and relax. But some things are still undone.

What about the mess created at the construction site? There may be stacks of unused bricks, mounds of sand, sacks of cement and heaps of dust or dirt lying around. The rubble needs to be cleared and the unused material has to be sent back or stored in a garage for future use. It may be a residential project or a large-scale commercial one, site cleaning has to be done in an organised manner. If you find things too big to be controlled single-handedly, hire professional service. But just remember that your relaxation will start only when such work is complete.

Post-construction clean up by professionals

You may have just had window installation at your home or it may be the construction of a new building from ground up, there is lot of rubble to eliminate.  Professional cleaners typically use hook lift bins in Australia to collect, haul and remove the trash. They have trained crews to clean up the junk swiftly and efficiently.  Hire a well-rated team that has built its reputation in the industry and does not just sweep things under the carpet.

In disposal of unwanted stumps, bushes, and hauling away of wooden structures, some professional site cleaners can also help you salvage some useful items.  Instead of throwing away all the scrap in landfills (which needs to be minimised anyhow), you can get many things recycled.  As an example, gypsum from drywall can be used for fertilizer, wood beams can be mulched or they can be utilised on other project sites, and stonework can be sold – all of this helps in conserving the landfill itself and saves money in the long run.

Secondary phase of cleaning the site

The actual aim of post-construction cleanup is to make the site sparkling clean for use. It may be your home or a commercial property, you want it to be really clean before you occupy it for living or work.

Once the bigger job of removing the bigger of debris, flaking drywall and broken wooden pieces is complete, the next activity should be to wipe down and disinfect the premises.

You can then hire cleaning services beyond waste removal to get windows washed, floors vacuumed, mopped, waxed, polished, and cleaning of furniture and upholstery to be used in the building. Other aspects to take care of include wiping down of cabinets and counters, cleaning of fireplaces and scrubbing of bathrooms from top to bottom.

This secondary phase of cleaning the premises will also result in a heap of garbage or dirt to be disposed methodically.  To make the collection process systematic you can buy or hire skip bins of appropriate sizes.

Wish you all the best for your move!



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