Get your boiler replaced before winter

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, especially when those temperatures are freezing outside, is of paramount importance. A winter time problem with heating efficiency can be a nightmare in the making and one you can easily avoid by installing a new boiler that will meet your needs and improve your home’s value at the same time. Of course, some might consider an HVAC forced air heating and cooling system, however there are many advantages of a boiler system, and it comes down to comfort.

A heating furnace that uses heated air to warm your home is actually a bit drafty. Moving air, even if it is warm air, causes drafts that can be less than optimal for comfort. Blown air carries allergens, dust, and other materials distributing these substances throughout your home via the air ducts. For those who suffer from allergies or sinus issues, this is not the best situation. Heated air is also drying for the environment in the home – sinuses and skin suffer from this dryness, needing more moisture to stay healthy when heated air is being used. Maintenance of a furnace system includes changing out air filters on a monthly basis – an added expense and something of a pain to remember and deal with regularly.

On the other hand is a broiler heating system which uses boiling water circulated through small pipes to room radiators and baseboards or even to radiant under-floor heating elements. The heat that comes from radiators or baseboard units is constant and comfortable with no drafts to be felt anywhere. Boiler heating systems do not cause drying in the air of the home, so sore noses that are too dry are not a problem, and you don’t need to buy out the moisturizer department at the Tenco to keep your skin from flaking away. There aren’t any allergens or dust circulating throughout your home when using radiant or convection heat from radiators or baseboards, so nothing to clean up on there. As for maintenance, no filters needed – only an annual checkup is recommended, but with cast iron boilers, even that is unnecessary as they can operate independently with little to no maintenance for years.

Boiler systems are a bit more expensive when initially installed than furnace air systems – the only drawback that people seem to notice from time to time. This slightly higher outlay from the start is overridden, however, with lessened ongoing treatments for dryness in the home and filter or other maintenance on the boiler systems, especially over time. When you decide to replace or update your boiler system, the ones to call are The Boiler Replacement Company. With easily accessed boiler installation Hornchurch and boiler installation Romford from The Boiler Replacement Company, you can have a more modern and customized heating system in your home in no time flat. Speaking of flats, The Boiler Replacement Company is property-blind – it doesn’t matter if you are needing installation in the smallest flat in town or if you have a huge sprawling estate. The Boiler replacement Company takes pride in their level of professionalism and customer service no matter where they customer is located. When you are ready to install a new or improved boiler heating system, call on The Boiler Replacement Company.

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