Get Out Of Trouble With Bosch Cordless Drill

Cords everywhere makes you feel frustrated as you can’t move freely with your drill especially if you need to transfer from one place to another-not to mention the need to plug it in electric outlet just to make it work and all the hassle of finding the perfect place to do your job.

As technology progresses, and so with the drills-we now have the cordless drills but have you ever thought which among them is best? They all have almost the same built and purpose but one of the brands that’s really worth the try is Bosch cordless drill. Bosch always gives their best shot on every product they produce and you can be sure to enjoy the features and performance of their drills; versatile and is perfect for drilling from simple shallow holes to deep wood boring without straining your muscles.

The difference lies in the following:

1.Remarkable Design and Weight

When you compare bosch power drill with its design to other brands, you can already say it’s different. The slant angled position of the body with soft firm grip and light weight makes it ideal to use for long working hours. It’s specifically made to lessen the tension and strain in your wrists and allowing you to work conveniently.

2. Dropping? Leave it to Durashield ™

Sometimes dropping your tool is unavoidable-especially if you’re working frequently on heights and overhead drill locations. Bosch addresses the problem by putting in Durashield ™, a flexible casing that no matter how strong the blow and impact the fall on the ground is (as high as 10 feet or more), it cannot destroy the fragile parts inside.

3. Amazingly powerful-for easy and smooth drillings

Even if the built is a little bit small than the regular cordless drill, it delivers the same excellent speed and torque to make your driving and drilling fast without requiring you to spend too much effort and strength especially on hard wood. It is designed to work on tough jobs as it has “2-speed gearbox” and 500in/lbs. torque so it bites the wood and passes through smoothly without the “jerky” movements.

4. Blue-Core ™ battery-Do you have what it takes to save more energy?

Since its cordless the sole source of energy and power of your drill is from its battery-so you need to take consideration on it first before deciding to buy one. Older versions have been using NiCad batteries to let the drills work however, a common problem encountered in NiCad is that it usually uses up its energy fast and it’s not ideal to store it for long even if it’s charged fully. Bosch cordless drill takes pride on its Blue-Core ™ battery innovation-it can cool itself so no need to worry on unwanted energy loss.

4. Dark Areas? LED light will guide you

It’s a smart idea of putting a built-in LED light. You don’t need to bring flashlight along with you while working on attic, basement or in close tight areas and get clumsy while accidentally dropping the light. It doesn’t eat up too much energy from the bat since it only requires a little from it to work.

Always be certain to get the perfect home tools for your needs. With the Bosch 18v drill, there is a guarantee of convenience and speed for your drilling tasks. Go browse this site now and learn why Bosch cordless is your ideal drilling partner.



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