Get Global Standard Metal Element Finishes Cost Effectively With Tumble Polishing Services

Barrel finishing, extensively refers to barrel tumbling is a new generation procedure and concept deployed toward improving surface of varieties of metal elements used in industrial purpose. In general, during the process mixture of metal parts, compounds or tools are tumbled in 6 to 8 sided barrels and then rotated at a pre-programmed speed robotically for the purpose of grinding, de-scaling, rounding corners, de-burring, burnishing, and polishing metal parts in high quantity.

Key Advantages of Tumble Polishing

 Metal parts can effectively be finished in less time inexpensively than traditional hand paining;

 Requires minimal manual intervention and handing;

 Plentiful amount of parts can be employed for finishing at a time;

 Much superior procedure in comparison to hand painting;

 Makes each metal part tougher, stronger as per desired standard after tumbling;

 Forgings, grinding as well as castings processes can be blended;

 Machine parts and tools can be well burnished that helps get higher polishing and finish;

 A wonderful solution to get perfect edging and corner finishing of elements;

 Helps derive long lasting world class finished components;

 Eco-friendly and worthwhile procedure;

The class of surface finishes of metal parts through tumble polishing depends largely on certain factors such as type of tumblers used, lubricating agents, abrasives, carrying and polishing agents apart from skilled workforce to manger the entire process. Thus, in order to get the finest class of mental finishing industries are recommended to go for specialist companies in tumble polishing services.

Two Different Approaches of Tumble Polishing

Wet Tumbling

Typically, horizontal and slanted barrels are employed in wet tumbling. Even though slanted barrels are easy for component loading and unloading, however, the horizontal type is mostly preferred since; it offers higher capacity and superior tumbling job. Once a barrel is filled with different parts, water is poured as per the desired result. Using more liquid offers superior finishing but slower the process while less among of liquid offer faster cut and medium finish. The finishing compound is mixed depending on the quantity of parts and the process takes more or less 6 to 24 hours.

Dry Tumbling

For dry tumbling, mostly used barrel types are found horizontal and octagonal with metallic body and hardwood lining. A barrel can be 30″ in span and 36″ / 42″ in length, which is a universal standard. Depending on the necessity, barrels often split into two sections to get higher result. In place of water, sand is used to have smooth finishing. Sand not only helps in better cutting but also offers extraordinarily shiny surface. is one of the leading metal finishing companies offering a wide range of services such as metal polishing, aluminum anodizing, chromate conversion coating, electroless nickel plating, citric acid passivation, CNC machining, vapor degreasing, powder coating, type iii anodizing, hardcoat anodizing, tumble polishing, black nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating etc. To know more, visit



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