Gaming PC setup for new game streamers

This is an age where gamers are ruling the world. The popularity of gaming hence more increased when gamers started to make a decent amount of earning out of it by streaming the gameplay to the internet audience through streaming. Popular streaming websites like, YouTube and Hitbox made it easier to broadcast live game streaming for even newer participants.

If you are a gamer and you are here to learn more about how to setup your gaming rig to start streaming than you are in the right place. At the end of this article, we ensure you that you will be ready to live broadcast your gameplay live to your audience or at least you will get the general idea to prepare yourself.

Hardware setup

To broadcast the game, you need to add extra power to your gaming rig. Playing modern games already takes a toll on your PC resources; So that means to broadcast the game, you will need to make your gaming PC to be more powerful than the normal gaming PC, because you need extra work from PC to encode the video with good frame rates and high-quality picture. This also goes for your internet connection. You need high-speed internet connection to stream the game with good quality and frame rate.

A Good Computer

In order to stream in the good definition picture and decent frame rates. You require at least the latest multi-core processor from Intel iCore or AMD equivalent and with GPU builds. You also need Minimum of 8GB RAM and latest operating system. The setup will at least put you on the road to take the first step to start your streaming.


Millions are ready to watch your stream and they have very high expectations from you. They will be your fans and obviously, they will also love to interact with the player. To grant the wish of your fans, you need to add good microphone and webcam to expose them to your presence.

High-speed internet

One of the important elements for streamer is the internet connection. The internet should be good enough to handle the steady amount of sheer data that will be transferred online live while you are playing the game. This data will be in the form of audio and video with other assets of interaction. If your stream becomes laggy or delays too much due to a bad connection. Your fan will become uninterested in the content that you deliver and will find the replacement. The recommended internet connection for good streaming is the modern spectrum internet connections or if this is not feasible for you then you may go for the cheaper options like DSL internet packages.

Software setups

When your hardware is ready, it’s time to focus on the software configuration of your gaming rig to be ready to stream. You need a good software encoder, a platform where you will stream and being interactive with your fans.

Streaming software

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is best known free software for beginners as well as professional streamers. There are some other software like XSplit Broadcaster, Gameshow and Wirecast. They all offer customization and perks to make your stream standout from others, but it’s up to you to show some creativity and a good selection of software according to your taste in making your stream unique.

Streaming platform

Finally, it’s time to decide where you want to stream. The most popular and recommended platform among gamer is Twitch TV. Now even video giants like YouTube and Dailymotion made a special section for gaming stream.

Final thoughts

If you followed the guideline then you are all set to sail for your journey among the millions who are streaming and sharing their gameplay with their fans. Wish you all the best in streaming.





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