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Swtor Darth Hexid companion was introduced as a Dark Side choice during 2016 Dark vs Light Event. As the Light side won in that DVL event, no one was rewarded this Dark Side companion. However, Bioware has recently announced that Darth Hexid would be available in the future. Are you willing to buy swtor gold for this companion in case??

Darth Hexid was introduced as a Dark Side companion

During 2016 Summer DvL event, Bioware introduced a companion respectively to both Light Side and Dark Side, and the winning side would choose a companion. Darth Hexid was the Dark side choice, and Master Ranos was the Light Side choice. In that event, the light side won and was given Master Ranos.?

Swtor Darth Hexid Companion will be put into use some time

Since the introduction of Darth Hexid, no one has a glance at this companion. At this point, Bioware has confirmed that Darth Hexid will be available as a companion at some point in the future. But they haven’t decided how to give it to players. Actually, there is more than one method to release Darth Hexid again, such as:?
1. As a reward from Swtor anniversary if it can’t happen sooner;?
2. As a reward of another Dark vs Light event;
3. As a veteran bonus for a length of subscription, like Shae Vizla last year;
4. As a relevant companion in 5.4.?

We are so glad that Darth Hexid companion will be available in game. Though it is unsure how to get this companion, it is not that easy to gain one. Anyway, for now, what we can do is to buy credits swtor safe and positively prepare for swtor 5.4 release.?

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