Future Growth of Rose Geranium Essential Oil Market by New Business Developments, Innovations – Forecast to 2028

Owing to the rise in awareness about the health benefits associated with the consumption and the applications of essential oils, the essential oil market has been growing at a significant rate over the past couple of years. A combination of several key factors such as the rapid expansion of the food and beverages sector and growing preference for natural ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products are considered to be some of the key contributors which have been helping drive the market for essential oil. Rose Geranium Essential Oil is one such essential oil that has been gaining traction over the past couple of years among its target segment. Rose Geranium Essential Oil is extracted from the rose scented geranium which is native to South Africa. Rose Geranium Essential Oil Market has a large-scale application in the Aromatherapy segment.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil has a niche application in aromatherapy and natural perfumery. Rose Geranium Essential Oil is well known for its distinct astringent, deodorant, hemostatic, and anti-depressant qualities.

Due to such critical property the oil possesses, Rose Geranium Essential Oil has been playing an important role in aromatherapy, helping in the treatment of restlessness, irritability, stress and other such negative driver behavior.  Apart from the Aromatherapy segment, the Rose Geranium essential oil is used as a flavoring agent in many major food categories, alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks. The Rose Geranium Essential Oil has a wide range of scope even in the cosmetics industry. Rose Geranium Essential Oil is being considered as the prime ingredient for the manufacturing of perfumes, toiletries etc.

Some of the key players operating in the global Rose Geranium Essential Oil market are Amphora Aromatics Ltd, Botanicals, Oils4life Limited, Naissance, Amour Natural, Oshadhi Ltd., Avena Herbal Products LTD, New Directions Australia Pty Ltd, Australian Botanical Products Pty. Ltd., Edens Garden, Abbey Essentials, Floracopeia Inc, NutraMarks, Inc. among others.

Key Trends: Global Rose Geranium Essential Oil Market

Major shareholding companies for Rose Geranium Essential Oil have been strategizing on coming up with new range products which caters to varying preference of its target customers.

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  • In the year 2014, Edens Gardens launched a set of essential oils for its target customers in the European Market.
  • In 2015, Amhora Aromatics Ltd had been attending several regional and international promotional events showcasing its product catalog to its target customers.

Aromatherapy is finding increasing adoption by several people due to its obvious benefits in healing. There are widespread facts that support the therapeutic use of essential oil. Europe is being considered as the largest market for natural fragrance ingredients, such as rose geranium essential oil. The European market for natural fragrance ingredients is projected to grow even faster than the global market. This significant growth in the European region will result in a rise in the consumption of natural cosmetics which provides another important opportunity for rose geranium essential oil producers.



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