FUT 16 Full Formation Guide

Having a absolute compassionate of how to play FIFA 16 will account gamers greatly. However, acquirements how to exhausted formations in FIFA 16 is apparently the a lot of analytical aspect of convalescent one’s gameplay. Regardless of your style, application the appropriate pieces, ill-fitted to the absolute formation, will crop the best after-effects in FIFA 16.


Alright, Italian teams like to play with 3 in the aback because they play a added abstruse bold in the midfield. As you accept realized, there amateur are not top scoring. They accumulate the brawl actual well. There are two means I advance to affected them: (1) Counter with pacey wingers. Make abiding they can cantankerous able-bodied and you accept a advanced who has acceptable finishing or branch accuracy. (2) Use one or two CDM to advice accommodate the midfield. It’s accomplished if they accept added possession, just bolt them in the midfield and advance the brawl fast down the wing.

Use these formations to counter: 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 (defensive), 4-2-2-2


Similar to the 3-4-1-2, this accumulation has ascendancy based advancing element. However, I anticipate this accumulation is added baleful because of the RF and LF abaft the striker. It is one of my admired formations because I put fast players appropriate abaft the striker who amplitude the aegis wide, but aswell accept the adeptness to account from distance. Now how to exhausted it? The ambition is accepting 2 CDM. Any another accumulation with 2 CDM should be melancholia in my opinion, one will plan absolute adjoin this accumulation as able-bodied as gives you abundant ambition scoring opportunities, 4-3-3 (defensive).

Use these formations to counter: 4-3-3 (defensive), 4-2-3-1 (wide), 4-2-2-2


The 3-4-3 is the a lot of counterbalanced accumulation with 3 defenders. The LW and RW are abundant at accepted in crosses and active down the wing. They are heavily accurate by the midfield that spreads out. This accumulation has a lot of triangles for easy, quick and able passing. Your aggregation can be continued calmly and ultimately bake out quickly. To abode that problem, arena 5 in the aback will accommodate beneath accent for your aggregation and you can calmly yield ascendancy of the game.

Use these formations to counter: 5-3-2 (best because you accept 3 CM), 5-2-2-1, 4-3-3 (attacking – if you can avert well, you can account a lot of goals and easily), 4-3-3, 4-4-2 (flat)


I alone abhorrence this formation. It tends to annihilate your midfield bold because there are so abounding players aerial about the centermost circle. However, this bodes able-bodied for counterattacking down the wings. The a lot of important amateur to use adjoin this accumulation is a CAM with accomplished eyes and passing. They can deliver the brawl out advanced and accommodate accomplished through passes to your striker. Because this accumulation is so defensive, arena added advancing is altogether fine.

Use these formations to counter: 4-3-1-2, 4-2-4, 4-3-3 (attacking), 4-3-2-1, 4-4-2

4-1-2-1-2 (Diamond)

This is a actual accepted accumulation in FIFA. It just has all the appropriate ingredients, 2 strikers, 1 CDM, 2 CM, and a CAM. This formations goes attacks you beeline up the middle. Your midfielders tend to abrasion out faster arena their blazon of brawl game. A acceptable acclimation that will advice your gameplay is clog the middle. Amplitude their aggregation so they appear block you for buyfifacoin4u fifa 16 coin the ball.

Use these formations to counter: 4-5-1, 4-4-2 (flat), 4-4-1-1, 4-2-2-2



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