Frequently Asked Questions about Athletic Scholarships in America

If you want to complete your university education from a college in the United States and want to go there with an athletic scholarship, here are the answers to some common questions that you might want to ask:

How early should I start preparing for the scholarship?

Considering the high level of competition for scholarships, it is good to start the process at least 2 years before leaving high school. The process from initial application to getting the confirmation for scholarship may take anywhere between 9 and 20 months as per the choice of sport and skill levels.

Usually undergraduate students begin when they are 15 to 19 years old and the post-graduate students from 18 to 22 years old.

What kit should be brought on the assessment day?

If you are applying for a soccer scholarship America your assessment is likely to happen on 3G/4G surface so appropriate footwear for the field is recommended. Bring your warm up clothing, shin pads and a water bottle. If you are a goal keeper you may wear your own strip and do not forget to bring your gloves.

For golf assessments, it is important to bring own clubs.

On what basis is a student assessed for the scholarship?

The evaluation varies as per the chosen sport. For team sports such as soccer and rugby, the assessors need to see players in a competitive game. For individual skill sports such as golf and tennis, the players are assessed according to the results of their progressive games. It is important to know that in both the cases the academic performance of the player is also considered.

What happens if a player could not perform well during his / her assessment?

It can be really disappointing if a player fails to give his/her best performance during the assessment for scholarship. This could be due to an injury, illness or a tiring game they had a day before. Such players should talk candidly to the assessment organising agency and they may get a second chance. The agency can invite them for another assessment.

Can a student get a full scholarship? If yes, how?

It is not easy for freshmen to get a full soccer scholarship in America or full scholarship for any other game because all coaches have a limited amount for a certain number of grants available and they want to reward all athletes who have proven their skills. However there are some ways to get quite close to a full scholarship.

To begin with, you should train yourself very well for the grant. The goal must be to become the game changer of the match. College games in the US can be very intense and students must be really fit to excel at them. This can help them to get a better scholarship.

You can also look for teams other than NCAA Division 1 where you can be a more highly rated player than others in the team. Numerous players have made it to professional levels even from NCAA D2, NAIA and Junior Colleges.

Lastly, never get left behind in your school work. The students who play well and also have higher grades than their classmates get easily noticed by coaches. Keep excelling in studies and give your best to SAT/ACT exams if you really want to get a full scholarship.

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