Four UI Developer Interview Questions You Need to Ask Every Candidate

A UI developer needs to have several skills which include good HTML knowledge. If you are interviewing potential candidates for UI developer position, you need to ensure the UI developer interview questions include both basic and advanced portions of HTML. Here is the list of questions you need to ask every UI developer.

1. What Are the New Features in HTML5?

The candidate should be able to list the new features in HTML5 and also provide an explanation like what they are used for. Here is the list of new features in HTML5.

· <!DOCTYPE html> it is a document type declaration

· Section – it is used to define the structure of the document. The HTML element is written in following manner- <section></section> in header, footer and other sections of the document

· Header- it is used to define the header section of the document. It is written as <header></header> at the top of the document

· Footer – it is used to define the footer section of the document and appears at the bottom of the document. It is written as <footer></footer>

· Article- it is used to specify independent content in the document. It is written as <article></article>

· Main – the tag is written as <main></main>. It defines the main section of the HTML document

Besides listing the HTML elements and tags mentioned above, the candidate should be able to tell where these tags and elements are used.

2. What Are Semantic Elements in HTML?

Semantic elements in HTML serve dual purpose. They tell browser about the HTML elements and the developer about its contents. For example, a p tag represents a paragraph. HTML elements like <form>, <img>, <table> clearly inform about their content and they all are semantic HTML elements.

3. Can You Modify the Attribute Value of HTML Tag Dynamically?

It is one of the important UI developer interview questions that test the candidate’s deep knowledge about HTML. The right answer is – Yes, the attribute value of HTML tag can be modified dynamically through JavaScript. The candidate should be able to write a simple code to demonstrate the use of JavaScript to change the content of HTML dynamically.

4. How to Use Comments in HTML?

Comments are useful for developers to keep track of code functionality. It is one of the best coding practices that need to be followed by all UI developers. It is necessary for the candidate to know the importance of comments in HTML coding and the right way to use it.

HTML experts recommend the use of comments in HTML as it allows other developers to understand the code functionalities easily. The comments do not show up in the browser. Comments can be one line or multiple lines. The right way of using comments is

<! — This is one line comment? –>
<! — This is two or
More lines –>\

These are some of the important UI developer interview questions you need to ask every candidate. Have we missed any important ones? Comment below.


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