Four Tips to Manage Creative Teams

Managing and leading traditional teams is difficult, but managing and leading creative teams can be much more difficult due to the nature of the job and the people involved.  You should strike the perfect balance between working through the creative challenge and meeting deadlines, and keeping the spirit of creativity high always.

Here are four tips that will help in managing creative teams more effectively.

1.  Be the Boss but Don’t Be Bossy

People don’t like to be instructed on every single small detail, and this is more prevalent among creative people. Instead of bossing around, be more of a coach or a teacher. Give suggestions that will help them improve their performance or help cut through the creative challenge.

Creative people are goal oriented and love challenges. So, you need to coach them in solving creative challenges by their creativity and determination. Creative people always welcome guidance, but can find it difficult to follow orders.

2.  Ongoing Development Should Be Tapped in All Forms

Ongoing development is an essential trait that you must not overlook while managing creative teams. Development opportunities come in various forms. You need to understand the difference between training and learning.

Training is a structured process that helps learn new skills. Learning is an outcome of training where the creative person can achieve something while trying new things. You need to encourage your team to learn something new by giving them a task they have never attempted before. This will fuel their creativity and encourage the development of their artistic thinking.

3.  Drop the Word “Manager” and Think of Yourself as a “Leader”

Managing and leading are two different things, albeit two sides of the same coin. An effective manager will have a technical understanding of what needs to be done and will also be effective motivating and utilizing available resources.

On the other hand, a good leader will articulate his/her vision in audiences, take suggestions, give regular feedback and coaching. In simple words, the leader will act as a good role model.

Good management is a necessary element for success. By becoming a good leader, you will reduce the efforts needed in managing. The more time you spend leading your creative team, the less time you will spend managing.

4.  Trust

Don’t forget your team members have a place in your organization because they are talented. Incorporate their instincts and thoughts in the decisions you must make. Hence, you need to trust their creative instincts and let them do their job.

A big attribute of a successful creative manager is the trust he/she puts in the capabilities of their team in doing what they are good at and in return. When you do this, you have earned their trust as a leader.

By following the tips given above, you will set yourself on a path of becoming a person who is a trusted and leads by example.


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