Learning new languages not only helps to connect with other countries or other commmunity but also effects in education , traveling , research and trading. In past decades one language was enough but now a days we live in a global village. Some peoples are fond to become a bilingual or multilingual for their career , business or some how for personal interests. Online School for kids is helpful.

There are 5 most interesting language apps we have choose for you . These apps are user friendly  , portable , support android & IOS .

  1. Duolingo : This app is widely use and popular because of its extraordinary features. This platform offers 25 languages. Duolingo provides complete course in which user can experience mixture of  Translation exercises , listening , speaking ,  and multiple choice challenges. Dalingo courses developed by native speakers to empower people to learn new languages.
  2. TripLingo : This app provide the best solution for travellers. That makes it different from other apps. It also provide culture awareness. Triplingo’s lessons are catagorize in section that’s includes phrases or words using in business meetings. It has capability to translate voice , so that  travellers in critical situations can ask directions from stranger etc.
  3. Babbel : Babbel offers 14 languages. This app contain variety of matching and translation exercises through images and pronouncing the words . Babbel provides on free courses . This app will aske you to pay premium on monthly basis in order to get access to other courses.
  4. Mind Snacks : If you want to play & learn, This paid app provide games which are especially design to learn grammer , phrases and pronounciation . Users can set high scores , win medals, set speed during games. This app knows how to engage users and helps them to learn new language.
  5. Brain Scape : This app has thousands of audio flash cards for more words , grammatical rules for each language. A huge paltform for students and professional. This  app is free to get started but worth paying extra cost .



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