Five Unique Ways to Include Reclaimed Wood Furniture in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is as important as any other room in the home, when it comes to interior design and décor. A well done kitchen not only elevates your spirits in crafting Master Chef worthy dishes, but also draws praise from multiple quarters, when you invite beloved and distinguished people home. Of the different styles of interior design that are in use today, rustic is a popular and much loved one. A good way to bring about this simple and unsophisticated feel to your kitchen and prep area is by incorporating furniture pieces of reclaimed wood. Also known as salvaged, old, or repurposed wood, this kind of lumber is an eco-friendly option that is pre-used – like the wood from barns, railways tracks, barges, demolished buildings etc. – or fallen naturally on the forest floor. We give you five different ideas on how you can use reclaimed wood furniture in your kitchen for that ultimate rustic appeal.

1 – Build a table top with barn wood

A simple board of reclaimed wood or multiple strips attached together can form a beautiful rustic table top in your kitchen. Opt for a heavy lumber like oak and finish it with a simple protective coating natural like linseed oil and beeswax. This helps maintain the beautiful grain and natural appearance. Use either wood or wrought iron for the legs and base, and add a dark stain or distressed finish to lend some drama.

2 – Create a kitchen island with a vintage butcher’s block

A wooden butcher’s block speaks of a rich history with its many knife marks. The evidence of slicing and dicing adds to its character and blends in perfectly with the ambience of the cooking place. To incorporate one, all you need to do is give the block a good scrubbing and a quick layer of protective finish. Use this as a contrast in a minimalistic or luxe kitchen laden with marbles, and you have your conversation starter right in place.

3 – Craft custom cabinets

Cabinets used in other parts of the house can serve the purpose of storage in your kitchen. Furniture pieces that end up in garage or reseller warehouses serve as an excellent option for custom built cabinets for kitchens. You can also recycle such worn out pieces from your home when renovating it. This can be done through a simple remodeling exercise with the help of a carpenter. When using such wood in the kitchen, retain the natural brown color, or finish it with a whitewash or colored stain to give it a worn out appeal. Don’t forget to add a coat of protection for a longer a life.

4 – Stack up open shelves

Another simple yet effective way to incorporate reclaimed wood in your kitchen is by building open shelves. These are handy pieces of furniture that serve as excellent storage options for those items that need frequent access. The reveal-all nature of these shelves complements the rustic appeal. Use a wrought iron frame and a couple of metal accents to make them a striking focal point above the counter.

5 – Use in wooden accents

If you don’t really have the space left to add a wooden object and yet would like to use reclaimed lumber in your kitchen, the best choice for you is to add them as wooden accents. These could be as panels on sideboards, or simply decorative pieces on the wall. When used alongside materials like steel, and marble, reclaimed wood accents bring about a unique character and beauty to your prep and food lab.

With these 5 simple and effective ways, you can easily make your kitchen a charming place with reclaimed wood furniture.


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