Five Tricks You Should Know When Studying In France

While studying abroad in France, you should be ready to face everything including daily croissants, an afternoon with the Seine, stripes shirts & berets, handsome Frenchman and beautiful Frenchwoman who sweep off your teenage feet and escorts to have a romantic meal. Moreover, France will not be like everything that you see in films, it is a wonderful place that provides you plenty of opportunities for all the students. Even if you love Paris, it is guaranteed that you will definitely love France. Here are some the amazing things that you must know if you are going to study abroad in France.

Here is the tops you should know while study in France

  1. You Must Have Good Skills In the French Language:

Whether if you are going to land in France from a country by speaking English which is the dominant language in the world. Even if you encounter a French person speaking English, they will be insisted to speak in their own native language while interacting with others. Also, they feel proud of their language as well as culture. So try to learn their language and develop your own skills before taking flight.

  1. Allowed To Drink Alcohol Legally:

The legal age for drinking wine and beer in France is from 16 and for drinking hard liquor your age should be 18. So if you are a teenager and studying in France, you have the right to purchase alcohol. Even the permission is granted for drinking you have to drink in a responsible manner. The drinking culture of them will be very different when compared with other countries. If you show your rowdiness by consuming more alcohol, then you have to face unflattering stereotypes.

  1. Dress Accordingly:

There is no need to reach the ultimate level of fashion but you have to remember the fashion of Europeans and also prepare yourself to look dressier. It is very important to mingle with the crowd so as to escape from unwanted attractions like pick-pocketing, etc.

  1. Food Is Very Important:

The French people will be very serious in taking food. Starting from high-class to pastries, there are about 1000 different varieties of cheese available there. According to them, Food is also an art and it doesn’t matter where you are studying in France and some dishes will be totally different from the dish that you used to eat at home. So you have to take much effort to try out every dish.

  1. Try to Bridge the gap:

Connecting with French people and exploring the country will provide you an amazing as well as fulfilling experience. This is because as a student, it will be more challenging for you to interact with others apart from placing orders in restaurants and asking the way to reach your destination. If you are about to Study in France and if the country offers home stay, then you can live with your family. So take this advantage and be a part of French family by learning their culture, tradition, eating style, living style and more. Try to interact more with the locals so that you bridge the cultural barriers and to create good understanding with your French friends.



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