Five Services Your Advertising Agency Should Offer

Advertising agencies today need to wear a lot of hats. If you are looking for a great advertising agency in Austin, then here are five services that they should already be offering.

1. Growth Strategizing

Your company has launched and is getting bigger and better. Congratulations! Now is the time to strategize about your growth, to think about what you have and where you want to go. An advertising agency that can help you think about what happens after a successful campaign will help you discover the right steps forward now. Growth strategy also gives you a valuable outsider perspective on your own future.

2. Cultural & Behavioral Insights

The world of advertising is about more than making something that will please everyone. In fact, that is becoming next to impossible. Good advertising today is driven by much more than simply appealing to everyone. It’s about researching who you want to target, understanding those demographics on an intimate level, and making the right connection that lasts. The best advertising agencies make cultural and behavioral insights the foundation of anything they do, so be sure to work with someone who’s doing the ground work that needs to happen first.

3. Experience-First Design

Now that advertising is happening online, in print, digitally and otherwise, it needs to work on multiple platforms. And the key to getting things to work on multiple platforms is designing with individual experiences in mind. Great advertising agencies do incredible design work, whether that is intuitively reimagining a website or creating ads for social media that get people clicking.

4. Quality Content

Content is king. Content marketing has and will remain an important part of the advertising world, whether its blogs or videos or social media posts. The best advertising agencies in Austin and around the world are able to develop content campaigns that capture their clients’ branding and voice while connecting them with the people they want to target. When you are looking for your next advertising agency, be sure to look at the content they’ve created. If it gets you excited, then they’ll likely create stuff for you that gets buyers just as excited about you.

5. Data & Analytics

You could have the absolute greatest, most incredible advertising campaign in not just Austin but the entire world. Without the right data and analytics, however, you will simply never know. Getting the right numbers and the right numbers interpreted correctly, is one of the most important elements of any campaign. It can not only help you evaluate your ROI but help you plan your next campaign and make it better targeted and more effective. Be sure to always work with an advertising firm that is open about its analytics. Those who try to hide the numbers are probably hiding something you need to know.

Finding the right advertising agency in Austin can be tricky but it’s easier to do when you know what to look for. If the firms you look at are offering these services, they are probably well equipped to help your company reach new levels of success.


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