Five Reasons to Choose a White Standing Desk

Planning to buy a new standing desk? Do you want a desk that is within budget, functional as well as stylish? How about one that helps to increase productivity in your work? Currently, they are the new office standards. Here we have provided five best reasons for convincing you to buy a white standing desk that you can look for –just in case you were still thinking about what to buy a standing desk.

People sit most of the time

We always search for reasons to sit down. We sit to watch entertainment shows, sit for eating, sit at the workplace, and sit in the car while going to work. Moreover, we even sit sometimes at the gym either on a stationary bike at the parking or on an exercise mat. Unfortunately, sitting too often is bad for our health. A white standing desk helps in reducing the amount of sitting that lowers some harmful effects that occur when doing too much of the same thing for long hours.

Standing more leads to weight control

Increase in weight caused by the intake of more calories than you can burn. People who are willing to change their habits for standing more, as with a standing desk becomes more aware of their amount of regular movement. Overall, more movement means more burning of calories that in turn lead to weight control. Research shows that sitting for long periods has a high risk of metabolic disease and obesity while standing can burn 1000 extra calories every week.

Lower risk of heart disease and lowered blood sugar

A standing desk not only keeps your weight in check but also helps in reducing cholesterol and blood sugar as well as reduces the risk of heart disease. All these benefits work in tandem for the improvement of overall health.

Back pain gets reduced

Making minor changes from sitting to standing every half an hour provides relief from back pain. The transition from a traditional to a white standing desk will help to work long hours with less pain throughout the day.

High energy levels, Better mood, and Increase in productivity

The fact is people who stand up to work at their standing desk focus their energies much better than those who are sitting. Studies show that doing work while standing helps to increase energy and productivity which in turn boost mood and workplace morale.

Why not buy desks where everyone will feel better? It is not only about sitting or standing; white standing desks can be adjusted to an individual’s specifications. What more would your boss want or what more are your requirements? However, in case you are thinking that just shifting to a standing desk might be too much at the present time, you can ease yourself gradually with an adjustable desk. There are reputed brands where you can pick one that can easily and quickly be changed from a standing desk to a seated desk by making adjustments in the right angle.


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