Five Lifestyle Habits that may be the cause of tooth loss

A smile looks perfect only when it flashes perfectly white, healthy teeth. Most individuals take good care of their teeth and practice all recommended procedures like flossing, brushing, regular consultation and reviews with the dentist and so on to ensure optimal dental health. However, there are some common lifestyle mistakes that can ruin the teeth even before we realise their impact on our dental health. While there are good dental clinics offering affordable dental implants in Sydney, let us find out some of these lifestyle habits and ways to prevent them.

1) Over-enthusiastic brushing habits

Regular brushing of teeth is important for the good health of the teeth but brushing them for too long or too often can lead to unwarranted damage. Brushing the teeth with hard bristles and exerting too much pressure on them wears off the enamel and thus make the tooth prone to damage and increased sensitivity. Some dentists believe that use of electric tooth brushes can cause dental problems in patients. While the motive is to keep the mouth clear of any debris, too much brushing can lead to several dental issues and in the worst case, tooth loss too.

2) Using the mouth for unintended activities

The mouth with its healthy set of teeth is used to chew the food, regulate speech and support the jaw and face of an individual. However, some individuals use their mouth as a bottle opener or a nutcracker or to replace any other tool. These harmful habits can affect the tooth directly and break them off. In some cases, a part of the teeth chips off or there are visible cracks in the teeth. As a result, the patient is forced to avail dental implants treatment in Sydney. In order to avoid such damage to the teeth and to save your gums and other soft tissues, never use the mouth for such potentially harmful activities.

3) Oral piercings can be a source of potential trouble

Research done in different parts of the world, reveals that oral piercings can lead to a number of problems like – infection, gum problems, swelling, pain in the tongue and tooth loss too. The metal from the piercings causes damage to the teeth while chewing the food or while speaking. If the piercings are placed in such a way that they are in regular contact with the teeth, then it could lead to loss of tooth enamel thus paving way for damage.

4) Tooth Grinding or Bruxism

Bruxism is often connected with the stress and trauma that one undergoes in everyday life. Today’s lifestyle imposes too much stress on an individual and one implication of stress overdose is tooth grinding. Tooth grinding in some cases can be very severe and can ultimately lead to tooth loss. This is in fact one of the most common reasons for people to avail affordable dental implants in Sydney.

The cost of dental implants in Sydney has gone down considerably and there are experts out there who can complete the process with utmost perfection. However, this is no excuse to care less for your precious, natural teeth.

The author is a renowned dentist in Sydney. She loves sharing about keeping up the dental health with her readers. Read to know more.



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