Five Factors You Need to Consider Before Buying a Jigsaw Massage Tool

Many people often make a mistake considering that all handheld massagers are relatively similar once they are taken out of the box. However, the reality is completely different and which is why; before buying a handheld jigsaw massage tool, you need to consider certain factors depending on your necessity to get the most ideal one that you are looking for. Follow the guideline as stated below


In general, a handheld massage gun administers massage based on two different mechanisms and that are percussion and vibration. Percussion jigsaw massager tool works wonderfully while penetrating deeply into muscle tissues to alleviate knotted muscles, muscle soreness or muscle strains. It is, on the other hand, massage guns that use vibration is extensively preferred since vibration can effectively cover an extensive area of your body and often feels more soothing. Consider your preference before buying one.

Power Source

Keep in mind that it takes reasonably lots of power to deliver your deep tissue massage. Most inexpensive cordless rechargeable massage guns available out there cannot meet your need for deep massage experience. Make sure before buying that your jigsaw massage tool is equipped with two numbers rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and has a fast-charging mechanism. This is among the most vital reasons why you should not only verify how the massage tool is powered but also check the manufacturers’ names and get through user reviews to know about their experience.

Flexibility of Speed

When it comes to shopping for any handheld massage device, it should be an important concern for you to know the flexibility of speeds it produces. While you get through online reviews, you can find that many massage guns are powerful enough but don’t have the provision for a lower speed which offers you a gentler experience while massaging a low impact injury or pain. Basically, you need to know if the jigsaw massage tool is prepared with variable speed options that help you set the massage speed according to your need or personal preference.


One of the reasons why people love having massage guns with rechargeable batteries is because they are made more portable. Thereby, you can use it to soothe aches or muscle tensions even when you travel for your business purpose. Many people with chronic ailments like arthritis or joint pain or post-operative scars need to deal with their issues, regardless of where they are. Not every handheld massage gun available in the market is good enough for travel. You need to know the size and weight of the massager that are two major factors determine the ease of portability. Contextually, further, make sure if it comes with a carrying case that protects your massager unit while you travel.

Cost and Warranty

Like all other things that you buy online or offline, the cost of your jigsaw massage tool is an important factor that you should consider with diligence. However, when looking at the cost factor, you know well that often companies play tricky games and charge you extra for accessories, shipping or taxes. Make sure that the price offered for massage guns is included with everything like extra massage heads, two numbers lithium-ion batteries, charger cord, instruction manuals, etc. Never buy a product that doesn’t come with a warranty. Always go for a good product comes with a warranty while having a 30 days money back guaranty tends to be a more satisfying deal.


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