Five Digital Marketing Interview Questions You Must Ask

To make sure you can explore all the digital channels successfully, you need a seasoned digital marketer in your team. This is why we have listed below the top five digital marketing interview questions that will help you identify the right candidate and assess his/her capabilities easily.

How would you define digital marketing?

You must ask this question to ensure a candidate’s foundation is right.

An answer could be that digital marketing is a marketing initiative executed across digital platforms to market your products or services and engage with your clients or users through digital media.

How can you categorize the term digital marketing?

This is also one of the basic digital marketing interview questions. Ideally, digital marketing is generally categorized into the following two parts:

Inbound Marketing

It is all about influencing the audience and attract traffic/leads to increase the inbound traffic volume through various activities like social media marketing, content marketing and SEO etc.

Outbound Marketing

It is the more traditional way of marketing in which the company consistently reaches out to its target audience through promotions such as by running social ad campaigns, or emails as an example.

What is the role of SEO in digital marketing and how can you improve that?

SEO is the lifeblood of digital marketing. Moreover, so you should never ignore asking questions about SEO. SEO helps rank websites on top of the search engine result pages such as on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Ask the candidate about link building, offsite SEO and onsite SEO techniques that can improve your website’s search ranking.

How relevant are keywords to improve search ranking? How can you optimize a post for SEO?

Keywords are the ones that your target audiences put in search engines while searching for a specific product, services, or information. So if your site doesn’t have the right keyword, no one will come to your site. Also, if the keywords you use are of low volume and have high competition, then your site will not get enough traffic. This is why you must ask a candidate about the importance of keywords in SEO.

You also need to make sure the ideal candidate is well aware of how to add keywords throughout content so that search engines can fetch and display the relevant information to your audience. Ideally, the keywords should use the website URL, website title, Meta tag, body text, and sub-headings.

What are your favorite online marketing tools and why?

There are many online marketing tools out there but to achieve your goals, you need the best ones only. The ideal candidate should well aware of the best tools in each segment of digital marketing such as Crazy Egg, BuzzSumo, Google Analytics etc. However, make sure they don’t just name the tools but know the pros and cons of each of the tools mentioned.

So do you have any digital marketing interview questions that you think should be added in the list? Do you’ve any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.


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