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As a children’s book author, you understand that writing the manuscript is only a portion of the battle. The other element that truly makes a children’s book stand out from the competition is the quality of the illustration. And for most authors, it’s the illustration side of things that is the most stress provoking?

Why do so many children’s book authors stress over finding a good illustrator for their books? I mean, aren’t there starving artists out there everywhere who would jump at the chance to make a few dollars illustrating a children’s book? Of course the answer is yes. However, illustrating a children’s book isn’t just about turning out quality images. Those who are the most successful at illustrating children’s books have an understanding for the type of art, the type of characters and even the palette of colors to use to make the book more attractive to children and thus increasing its market value. These are the illustrators that most children’s book authors are looking for and unfortunately, they are few and far between.

The good news is that if you are looking to Hire an Illustrator, there is one place that you can go to find quality talent that meets your needs: Inky Illustration Agency.

Inky Illustration Agency is an illustration agency that represents some of the best illustrators in the business. They have connections with all types of illustrators, including those who have experience illustrating childrens’ books. The artists at Inky Illustration Agency can provide you with the quality, relevant illustration services that you need to make your children’s book project more marketable and more profitable.

The reason that Inky Illustration Agency is so successful is that they work hard to discover the best talent. The illustrators at Inky Illustration Agency have years of experience in their chosen field of expertise. And they bring that experience and talent to the table for their clients every day, ensuring that the quality of the illustrations they provide is top notch. However, this doesn’t mean that their services are outrageously priced. As a matter of fact, the illustrators at Inky Illustration Agency are some of the most affordable in the business? Why is that, you might be asking yourself. It’s because Inky Illustration Agency and the illustrators they represent believe in providing a value for their clients.

So, if you are a children’s book author who is looking to partner with an illustrator who can help them sell more books or are someone who has an illustration need, visit Inky Illustration Agency today and look through the portfolios of some of the most talented illustrators currently offering services today. For more information regarding the benefits of hiring a qualified illustrator for your project or to begin browsing through illustrator profiles, please visit

There is no better Illustration Agency than Inky illustration Agency. Visit today and Hire an Illustrator to help you accomplish your goals.



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