FE Electrical and Computer Exam Practice Questions – Proven Strategy for Success

If you are studying for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, it is wise to employ smart strategies to improve your preparation efficiency. FE exam practice questions offered by Wasim Asghar are unique and offer each test-taker experience that will have helped many test-takers pass the exam successfully.

When studying for the FE exam, use the Reference Handbook, and highlight the most common equations that appear on the exam. It is prudent to become very familiar with the locations of these equations, so time is not wasted on exam day in trying to find them. On the day of exam, instead of leaving a question blank it is good idea to guess the answer and try using process of elimination or try to back-solve the problem. When in doubt, it is best to make an educated guess.

A scientific calculator is allowed in the exam and it can help in quickly solving many exam problems. Always make sure that the calculator and its functions are familiar so that you are at ease operating it. Prior to exam day try out FE Electrical and Computer Practice Exams because they are designed to give you exam day practice.

While preparing for this exam, as a test-taker you must understand the exam format as well. Fundamental of Engineering Exam is a computer-based test comprising of 110 questions. In July 2017, NCEES introduced Alternative-Item Type questions. Basically, in addition to the multiple-choice questions, exam can now include fill in the blanks, drag and drop etc. One unique feature of the FE exam is that all the test-takers are given the NCEES Reference Handbook to use while taking the exam. This handbook outlines all the major formulas and equations that are covered on the test. You are not expected to memorize formulas. Instead, the understanding of major concepts is the goal of this exam.

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