Facts about Dividing Assets after Divorce in Western Australia

When you decide to get separated or divorced it is not as easy it looks it creates many types of confusing in the life of the people like with many other aspects of breakdown of the marriage or the partnership creates confusing when there is separation of the financial and assets, sometimes it is not helped by any myth and assumption which has surrounded all over it.

After Divorce in Western Australia when it comes the turn of dividing assets among both the parties the very first thing you should do is getting of the facts as it is necessary for both of them. Like these, all things help in the future adjustment and helping in the economic status of the party.

Some facts of Financial you need to know

As sometimes you don’t need a lawyer for the separation financially, if you and your ex-partner are able to reach the agreement about the parenting agreement and about your settlement of the financial and when you want to formalize your agreement and make all these things legally for this you can apply jointly to the court of family for the order of consent and you can choose to do so without engaging lawyer in your case.

In this case, the family court should be get satisfied by the agreement is just equal and have the best interest of the children before they make order consent. Along with this, you can apply in the federal court of divorce as you can join with your ex-partner or you can also do it individual and without any lawyer.

Doesn’t Matter Whom Assets Belong To

During the separation time, it doesn’t matter that whose name was assets belongs to or owned or debts. Any type of assets debt or owned is due by nay of the party are assets or liabilities of the relationship and all things are needed to considered and disclosed in the family court at the time of financial assessment.

When Dividing Assets All Contribution Are Valued

The contribution made to the relationship or to the marriage was valued very much. The family court categories according to the contribution such as.

• Non-Financial Contribution.

• Contribution as a homemaker or parent.

• Financial Contribution.

During Financial Settlement Can Split Superannuation

The balance of superannuation is an asset which each party needed to be disclosed and considered at the time of settlement of finance. Balance of Superannuation can be split into the parts and portion were transferred to another party which are part of the financial settlement but Superannuation should stay in the environment of the Superannuation, such as husband can also transfer the portion of his property to his wife account but wife cannot withdraw her balance in cash for using the purchase of the property. When the settlement of the financial is completed the assets of the relationship was split.

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