Factors Affecting the Cost of Dental Implants Procedure


Dental implants make an attractive alternative to removable dentures. Since they are permanent, you care for them just like regular teeth. You can also speak, smile, and chew your food with confidence knowing that your replacement teeth are firmly in place. While the price of dental implants may be daunting, their value as a permanent and natural-looking replacement for missing teeth makes them worth it. Here we have mentioned a few factors that affect the dental implants cost.

Number of Replacement Needed

The more implants you need, the more your procedure will cost. Some patients may only need to replace one tooth, while others may need to replace a whole arch.

Implant Quality

Most of the implants for the bone are made from titanium. This is the most often used metal in bone healing procedure, but today you can receive implants made with the variety of metals or non-metal materials. Things to consider are that the abutment that attaches implant and replacement teeth are often crafted from numerous materials as are the replacement teeth themselves. You should find your options benefits, the healing process, cost and disadvantages with your dentist before you start the treatment.

Bone Density

In order for implants to be successful there must be enough bone to secure the titanium post. Low bone density does not disqualify you from choosing this treatment option, but it does require more preparatory work to ensure a successful result. Initial bone grafts or sinus augmentations are used to successfully prepare your mouth to receive a replacement tooth.

Location of the Tooth

Each mouth is different and needs individualized care. Different types of teeth require slight adjustments in procedure to achieve the desired results. The angle of front teeth is especially important as it needs to match the existing jawline to ensure your smile looks great. Some situations require more advanced work, which can affect the dental implant price.

Experience of Your Dentist

Of course, you want a professional and experienced dentist to perform surgery or other procedure. This improves the overall experience and successful implant placement. Paying some extra money for knowledge and more safety is always a good investment.

The dental implants cost shouldn’t keep you from getting the beautiful smile you long for. Think of implants as an investment in a lifetime solution to tooth loss. Nowadays, some dentist offer cheap dental implant treatment to their patients.

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