Facilitating a Speedy Recovery after an Accident

With the help of some support from your loved ones and your medical care takers, you can create an environment for yourself which facilitates and quick and comfortable recovery from your recent surgery or accident. Here are a few tips you can follow to ensure a speedy and healthy recovery –

Hiring the Services of an Expert Medical Team
If you are a victim of an accident or a personal injury, the first step to recovery is availing the services of good medical experts who will be able to restore your body and health. In the due course of time, you may need the services of plastic surgeons, orthopaedics, physiotherapists, dentistry experts, and occupational therapists who will work together to help you lead a normal life once again.

Getting Plenty of Fresh Air and Sunshine
After you have undergone all major surgeries and procedures, it is time for you to start working on the healing process. Try to move into an oxygen rich environment where there is plenty of sunshine unless specifically restricted by your doctor. Ionization acts as a catalyst to the healing process.

If in case you aren’t permitted to bath or shower, make sure you get a regular sponge bath that removes all the toxicity from your skin.

Uplift your Mood
Physical and emotional healing goes hand in hand. Have your loved ones decorate your room with flowers and serene pictures. Listen to music that is soothing, spend time with people you love, have them read you good books and watch movies that don’t stress you out. Movies and TV shows that make you laugh add to improving your mood which in turn benefits your healing. Make sure you talk only to people who are able to have a positive effect on you.

Taking Care of your Bowel Movements
While many medicines that may have been prescribed to you lead to sluggish bowel movements, talk to your doctor and understand how best you can avoid this. Room temperature, purified water is best for your digestive system. Avoid consuming coffee which causes dehydration and maintain a strict and healthy diet. 

Following a Healthy Diet
Consume nutrient rich foods and try avoiding all foods which consist of chemicals even in the form of pesticides. Processed foods are a strict no. Protein intake is also very important to the healing process. Assimilated protein breaks down into amino acids and acts as the building blocks to one’s health.

Also consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible and avoid consumption on extra sugars or salt. Alcohol, sodas, bread and pastas all work against the health of your body. 

It is very likely that you may be on bed rest for the longest time depending on the gravity of your condition. To ensure strength in your muscles and ligaments and also to facilitate sufficient circulation of blood, it is important that you with the help of a physiotherapist or instructor continue to pursue some basic exercises.

If you are up to it, you could also consider pursuing some side-effect free alternative therapies in homeopathy and naturopathy for quicker healing. All of this must be done under the guidance of an expert medical professional.
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