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Eric Musco has announced that new strongholds are on their agenda, and they are arguing about the place where to have a Stronghold. Currently, a lot of people are asking for one on Zakuul. But the others want a SH with Fleet chat. Anyway, it is necessary to buy swtor credits cheap to prepare for both 5.2 and new Strongholds.

Swtor Stronghold Concept from Eric Musco

“Adding a new Strongholds is something we talk about often as something we would love to do (just a question of if and when). I laugh because our internal conversations sound just like this thread, we all argue about our favorite places where we would love to have a Stronghold.”

Where will the new Swtor stronghold be?

There are a lot of players asking for one Stronghold on Zakuul so that Bioware could use the template from chapter 6 of Kotet and start from there. Meanwhile, many players wait for a SH on Fleet, with the chat channel to be attached to. Could Bioware add a galactic radio that lets players tune to fleet?

About decorating

Many players may have finished couples of Strongholds, and never want to fill another hook again. So they think that decorating and mix-matching outfits can be creative somehow. But the others have a different opinion. They don’t mind if the new Stronghold is tied to Conquest bonus or not. Instead, it is ok as long as it doesn’t require 100% full for conquest bonus when they want to take the time decorating and clearing up Strongholds to kill time.

Bioware can always only get one OPS boss out every 2 months. That means, players can only able to get the entire OPS out by the end of 2017. It is surprising to have a new stronghold to be announced. But the new Stronghold cannot be released at once, but in the patch notes.

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