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Regardless of whether you opt for a business loan, home loan or car loan, having a solid credit history is a must have. With a very low credit score or no credit history at all, you’re less likely to get a credit from lenders like public banks or private financial institutes. Essentially, as you appeal for a loan, today’s lenders won’t inquire you how many homes you have or what is your income source, rather than showing interest to know what your credit score is.

Why a credit score is so important to potential lenders? This is because; the score you own typically showcases your financial status as well as repaying habit as a borrower. With a high score, you’ll be a valuable customer to lending companies, as you appear less of risk for investors, however, with low credit rate; your ability to repay the loan becomes questionable. There’s loads of information available on the web suggesting you on different ways to boost your credit score, such as the only emergency using of credit cards, paying bills as per schedule, clearing old debts first and so on. Nevertheless, none of them offers you the quickest way to increase credit score as becoming an authorized user. Tradelines are ideally the best place for anyone interested to become an authorized user for building or re-building they’re low/no credit rate. They can offer almost instant credit boost, given that most credit reporting agencies look for tradeline services to update the credit history of credit card holders every month.

What is an Authorized User?

An authorized user is basically one who is added in the credit report of some other individual holding a card with a consistent credit score. Although AUs did not provide any physical card, they become benefited as the credit reports of the primary holders appear on their credit statement with credit rate each month. So long the payments are made by the primary user on a timely basis, or credit balance remains relatively low, it happens to be the quest way to increase your credit score.

The scope of the Procedure

 By becoming an authorized user of a primary cardholder, thus you can quickly embark on your credit life and enjoy low-interest advantage on mortgages, get easy access to business loan/ home loan, or avail easy payment terms from your lenders. The amount you pay for such services is reasonably low then the potential loss of having no or low credit rate.

 Almost all credit card companies provide the details of authorized users’ account information to major credit bureaus. With no late payments of the primary account holder, as it increases the credit rate of primary holder account, equally enhance the credit standing of the authorized user. Opposed to all traditional steps, it is perhaps the quickest way to improve credit rate that comes with profuse scopes with minimum investment.

 In no way, authorized users of primary cardholders account are accountable for making payments against that card, and equally, they’re not responsible for a credit score. In case, there’s a failing of payment, since this will impact negatively on AU’s credit rate in a similar way, being an authorized user, you have the right to appeal for removal of the account from your credit report. And, to stay away from this kind of depressing experiences, always choose your professional tradeline groups who are equipped with high profile cardholders.


Improve My Credit Fitness offers services to build your credit score that helps to reach your goals such as opening a new credit card, buying a home, finance a car, get a new job, or simply move to a new place. To know more, visit improvemycreditfitness.com/blog.



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